Shades of Milk & Honey

  TITLE: Shades of Milk and Honey AUTHOR: Mary Robinette Kowal GENRE: Romance & Historical Fiction SETTING(S) : Regency, 19th Century, England, UK SUBJECT:  Sisters, Magic and Love MAIN CHARACTERS: Jane Ellsworth, Melody Ellsworth, Beth Dunkirk,  Mr. Dunkirk, Lady FitzCameron, Captain Livingston and Mr. Vincent SUMMARY: Jane Ellsworth is in her twenties with no hope … Continue reading Shades of Milk & Honey


The Unexpected Miss. Bennet

  TITLE: The Unexpected Miss Bennet AUTHOR: Patrice Sarath SUMMARY: After the marriage of Elizabeth and Jane Bennet.  Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are worried about their two daughters left Kitty and Mary.  How are they going to introduce them both to society and has Lydia's mistake ruined their chances forever finding a perfect mate. It … Continue reading The Unexpected Miss. Bennet