Fall Planting

It is official!  Today is the first day of fall.  Bring out the apple cider & warm jacket.  Wait!!! It does not feel very fall like here in Maryland, but the leaves are slowly changing and our nights are getting cooler.  You may think that all your butterfly & bee loving plants don't get planted … Continue reading Fall Planting



Right now building your own terrarium is growing in popularity.  You can find plants, glass jars, pebbles & figurines to build your terrarium in craft shops, nurseries & home improvement stores.  Unfortunately these things do not have an easy to do manual. #1. Glass Jar: the bigger the better.  I got my terrarium jar at … Continue reading Terrarium

Gardening Help!!!

Upon becoming a Master Gardener I've read a lot of good gardening books and a lot of bad gardening books.  Listed below are some of my favorites (which I own & continue to use as a reference), a few books on gardening & novels with garden in title.  Hope one of these books will help … Continue reading Gardening Help!!!


Clementine plant box

Want a great project that you and the kids can do together?  Does your family eat a lot of clementines?  Do not know what to do with all those boxes besides throwing them in the trash?  Well here is one great way to reuse those clementine boxes.  ~  They can also be used to store … Continue reading Clementine plant box