Beauty & the Beast

Back in 1991, Disney created the beloved animation of "Beauty & The Beast".  That is one of my favorite childhood memories, going to see the film than later the ice skating version. Fast forward and now every 7 - 30  year old is excited for the real version of the beloved animation starring Emma Watson … Continue reading Beauty & the Beast


The Mortal Instruments Books 1 and 2

TITLE: The mortal Instruments Book 1 & 2 AUTHOR: Cassandra Clare GENRE:  YA | Supernatural | Romance | Fiction RATING: 4/5 SETTING(S) :  New York City MAIN CHARACTERS: Clary Fray (Cassandra), Jocelyn Fray, Simon, Luke (Lucian Graymark), Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Jace (Jonathan Wayland Morgenstern), Max Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Valentine Morgenstern, Hodge, Dorothea (Witch), Raphael (Vampire), Maia … Continue reading The Mortal Instruments Books 1 and 2

Strange and Ever After

TITLE: Strange and Ever After (Book #3) AUTHOR: Susan Dennard GENRE:  YA | Science Fiction | Historic Fiction SUBJECT: Love vs Betrayal | Sacrifice | Revenge vs. Forgiveness RATING: 4/5 SETTING(S) :  Egypt  & Paris MAIN CHARACTERS:  Eleanor Fitt,  Jie, Joseph Boyer, Daniel Sheridan, Oliver (Ollie), Allison Wilcox and Marcus. BOOK SUMMARY:  In the conclusion to the trilogy … Continue reading Strange and Ever After


TITLE:  Changeless AUTHOR:  Teri Wilson GENRE: Adult | Fiction | Steampunk | Romance |  Fantasy | Mystery | Historic Fiction RATING: 4/5 SETTING(S) :  19th Century,  London England SUBJECT: Love, Romances (Fiction), Vampires, Werewolves, Death, Friendship MAIN CHARACTERS: Alexia Maccon,  Lord Conall Maccon, Miss Ivy Hisselpenny,  Madame Lefoux, Lady Kingair, Mr. Tunstell, Miss. Felicity Loontwill and Angelique … Continue reading Changeless

The Governess of Highland Hall

TITLE:  The Governess of Highland Hall AUTHOR:  Carrie Turansky GENRE: Inspirational Fiction, Historic Fiction, Religious Fiction and Romance Fiction RATING: 4/5 SETTING(S) :  Berkshire, England, 1911 SUBJECT: Wealth, Social class, Missionaries, Faith, Love, Family, Interpersonal relations and Romances MAIN CHARACTERS: Julia Foster, William Ramsey, Sarah Ramsey, Katherine Ramsey, Penelope Ramsey, Andrew Ramsey, Millie Ramsey, Clark Dalton, … Continue reading The Governess of Highland Hall


TITLE:  Cinder  (The Lunar Chronicles #1) AUTHOR: Marissa Meyer GENRE:  YA | Science Fiction | Fantasy RATING: 5/5 SETTING(S) :  New Beijing in Eastern Commonwealth SUBJECT:  Society vs. Lower Class | Social Deception | Truth & Love MAIN CHARACTERS:  Linh Cinder, Prince Kaito, Linh Peony, Linh Pearl, Linh Adri, Iko, Dr. Erland and Queen Levana of … Continue reading Cinder

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

TITLE:  The Girl Who Chased the Moon AUTHOR:  Sarah Addison Allen GENRE: Adult | Fiction | Contemporary RATING: 4/5 SETTING(S) :  Mullaby, North Carolina, United States SUBJECT: Love, Friendship, Family, Magic, Mothers & Family History MAIN CHARACTERS: Emily Benedict, Julia Winterson, Vance Shelby, Win Coffey & Sawyer Alexander SUMMARY: In a quirky little Southern town with more … Continue reading The Girl Who Chased the Moon