St. Patricks Display

Many branches do St. Patrick's Day themed book displays.  This is perhaps the easiest to do and you find a wide collection of books that have green book covers.  But it isn't the only theme you can do for the month of March. There are so many other holidays that it can be difficult which one … Continue reading St. Patricks Display


Beauty & the Beast

Back in 1991, Disney created the beloved animation of "Beauty & The Beast".  That is one of my favorite childhood memories, going to see the film than later the ice skating version. Fast forward and now every 7 - 30  year old is excited for the real version of the beloved animation starring Emma Watson … Continue reading Beauty & the Beast


Most recently PBS show a t.v series on the life of Queen Victoria.  This possibly was an attempt to replace the highly popular "Downton Abbey".  Do you think they succeed or failed?  I think it succeed it getting viewers interested in learning more about the life of Queen Victoria and her servant.  But I think … Continue reading Victoria