Books turned into Movies

Many libraries do this theme.  I figured I would give it a try.  You know when a book is about to be turned into a movie or the movie version of a book is about to hit movie theaters when the book all of a sudden has a lot of holds.  I don't mean just … Continue reading Books turned into Movies


Gardening Help!!!

Upon becoming a Master Gardener I've read a lot of good gardening books and a lot of bad gardening books.  Listed below are some of my favorites (which I own & continue to use as a reference), a few books on gardening & novels with garden in title.  Hope one of these books will help … Continue reading Gardening Help!!!


Most recently PBS show a t.v series on the life of Queen Victoria.  This possibly was an attempt to replace the highly popular "Downton Abbey".  Do you think they succeed or failed?  I think it succeed it getting viewers interested in learning more about the life of Queen Victoria and her servant.  But I think … Continue reading Victoria