The Great American Read

Currently PBS is having viewers vote for their favorite novel & the list has many classic reads like Austen & Dickens.  But when library patrons ; people who visit their local library on a regular basis the same question, there are some surprising answers. When reviewing the list provided below remember that these patrons come … Continue reading The Great American Read


Gettysburg Rocks

Rock Painting is a very popular activity that both adults, children & especially families to do together.  I figured I would do something special commemorating the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  I will probably be doing this rock painting project as I tour & hike other historical sites & national parks.  Have you … Continue reading Gettysburg Rocks


Right now building your own terrarium is growing in popularity.  You can find plants, glass jars, pebbles & figurines to build your terrarium in craft shops, nurseries & home improvement stores.  Unfortunately these things do not have an easy to do manual. #1. Glass Jar: the bigger the better.  I got my terrarium jar at … Continue reading Terrarium


Most recently PBS show a t.v series on the life of Queen Victoria.  This possibly was an attempt to replace the highly popular "Downton Abbey".  Do you think they succeed or failed?  I think it succeed it getting viewers interested in learning more about the life of Queen Victoria and her servant.  But I think … Continue reading Victoria