Adopting a pet and using rescues…

Written By: JENNIFER .M. Edited By: ELISA .M. My sister and I have been volunteering at a local rescue for about five years and before then we have adopted all our pets from a rescue.  So we are familiar to both sides of the coin. And how the adoption and rescue process works.  We have … Continue reading Adopting a pet and using rescues…


Rare: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species

  TITLE:  RARE: Portraits of America's Endangered Species AUTHOR: Joel Sartore GENRE: Nonfiction SETTING(S) :  America SUBJECT: Animals, Photography, Environment, Rare Species and Nature MAIN CHARACTERS :  America's Extinct, Endangered and Protect Species SUMMARY:  Noted photographer Joel Sartore takes a haunting look at the species who are currently endangered and extinct in the USA.   The … Continue reading Rare: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species

Joy and Hope

I've always had an eye for photography and took two years of photography in High School then two semester in college.  Upon graduating from college, I found it difficult finding any inspiration for my photography, drawing, painting and graphics. So instead of treading the same path, I decided that things needed to change for 2012.  … Continue reading Joy and Hope

Pet Sitting

  A while back I was asked if I did any pet sitting.  Sure I did pet sitting part-time when I was in my late teens and early twenties, but never thought now that I am close to thirty I would go back to it. Before diving into it I had to ask "Is it … Continue reading Pet Sitting

Animal Abandonment

As Americans continue to struggle with their finances; the first thing to give up is not the family car or house but the family pet. You read the stories about the physical acts of animal cruelty but when it comes to animal abandonment most Americans are unaware of the effects.  For the residence of the … Continue reading Animal Abandonment

Kitty Tales

As if I don't need anything else to occupy my time even more I was chosen by fate to foster a group of kittens.  After loosing a kitten over the summer I was lucky enough to find the remaining four surviving kittens.  After successfully trapping the two adults I was fortunate to catch the kittens. … Continue reading Kitty Tales