Gettysburg Rocks

Rock Painting is a very popular activity that both adults, children & especially families to do together.  I figured I would do something special commemorating the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  I will probably be doing this rock painting project as I tour & hike other historical sites & national parks.  Have you painted rocks and what parks & other locations have you left rocks?Rocks

ROCK PAINTING: I should mentioned all rocks left at Gettysburg were river rocks I bought from Home Depot, none of the rocks came from Gettysburg.  The paints I used  were acrylic & special paint markers that are made for painting ceramics & rocks.  As a sealer so that the paintings would be protected from the elements I used mod podge.

GOAL: When you find a painted rock, you’re supposed to leave a rock for someone else to find in the same spot you found the original rock.  In my case I do not think that would happen, but I do hope that it brings a smile to someone’s face who finds them.  A few of my rocks were left  where not many people walk to, in hopes that someone who is willing to see a little piece of Gettysburg that most people do not see.

If you found one of my rocks please leave a comment below tell me where you found it and where you’re from.




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