April, Question of the Month.

April is the official start up date for Tornados & Hurricanes.  Those happen in an instant and the first thing most people grab is water, first aid kit, flashlight, the family pet (cat/dog) & some food before getting to safety.  April is also one of the rainiest days, at least here in the Mid Atlantic USA.  So preparing for server thunderstorms is a must.

So…. If you had only one short moment to grab a book as you are hurrying to safety what would it be? Here are some books that friends, coworkers, family & total strangers say they would save.

What book would you save from a fire?

  1. Grab as many as I can carry!!!
  2. The Holy Bible
  3. Pride & Prejudice “OR” Persuasion, by: Jane Austen
  4. The Great Gatsby, by: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  5. A Christmas Carol, by: Charles Dickens
  6.  Jane Eyre, by: Charlotte Brontë
  7. Grimm’s Fairytales
  8. The Hobbit, by: JRR Tolkien
  9. The Lord of the Ring’s Series, by: JRR Tolkien
  10. The Chronicles of Naria, by: C.S. Lewis
  11.  The Book Thief, by: Markus Zusak
  12. The Giving Tree, by: Shel Silverstein
  13.  The Lorax, by: Dr. Seuss

Some Surprised Titles:

  1. The War Pray, by: Mark Twain
  2. The Princess Bride, by: William Goldman
  3. Fish in a Tree, by: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

  4. The Heart of Glass, by: Vivian French
  5. Flight of a Dragon, by: Lee R. Bobker
  6. And I Darken, by: Kiersten White
  7. In the Company of Others, by: Jan Karon or by: Julie E. Czerneda

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