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Right now building your own terrarium is growing in popularity.  You can find plants, glass jars, pebbles & figurines to build your terrarium in craft shops, nurseries & home improvement stores.  Unfortunately these things do not have an easy to do manual.

#1. Glass Jar: the bigger the better.  I got my terrarium jar at “Home Goods” for half of the price they were being sold at Michael’s Craft Store. If you start with a mason jar that is fine but you are limited to how many plants you can fit in.  Remember plants need space to grow.

#2. Do Not Plant Succulents: Do not plant succulents or air plants.  There are a lot of images on pinterest that have succulents in glass jars, but guess what.  It won’t work. I’ve killed many succulents by doing this.  They love dry soil, treat them like you would a cactus.

4e4126c086ee3065675313bc888b0b44#3. Plant the right type of plant: Think about it a terrarium is a moist & very wet environment.  So your plants need to love a lot of moisture.  With this in mind many of these plants are terrarium only plants.

You can find plants in your own yard, that make great terrarium plants: such as native ferns & mosses. But if you want to buy plants for your terrarium at a nursery I’ve had great luck with the polka dot plant.

#4. Be Careful About How You Throw Discarded Plants: Example: Polka Dot Plant & Friendship Plants are two plants that are used in terrarium.  Also many people use “English Ivy” & Mondo Grass as an accent in their “faerie gardens”.  These kind of plants belong in a container and if you need to trim the plant periodically throw the remains in a bag or better yet burn them. Plants like English Ivy & Polka Dot plant do not need a whole lot to thrive and can spread from just one clipping.

#5. Soil & Pebbles: To create a successful terrarium you need to first place pebbles on the bottom of your jar, then charcoal (which you can get at any pet store) & them fill the jar with some potting soil that allows good drainage. Then add your plants.  You can find instruction on how much soil & pebbles you need by “visiting this website“.


#6. Decoration: You can buy glass pebbles at any dollar store, also if you collected shells from trips to the beach you can also use those to decorate your terrarium.

#7. Make your own Clay Figurines: You may find cute little figurines at craft stores and nurseries, but they will cost between $2 – $20 depending on the size.  I say if you have a little imagination you can create one of a kind “statues” for your terrarium.  The type of clay I use to create little houses, mushrooms & bugs for my terrarium is “Sculpey Clay“.  Once you have created your figurines you can cook them in the oven so that it becomes hard and a bit more water proof.

Online Examples:


How to plant a faerie garden using non-invasive plants coming soon!!!


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