Regency Love

Book Display Marketing (1)Rather than doing a typical “Romance Novel” display for the month of February.  I did a whole display on novels taking place during the regency era.

You would think “boring” not another Jane Austen display…. Jane Austen is one of the provident authors when you think of the regency era which took place in 1811 – 1820.  But there are actually a lot other authors writing at that time.  Even today there are many more authors who place their characters and story line right into regency era.  They aren’t just writing romance novels but they are also writing science-fiction, historic fiction and mystery novels.


  • Georgette Heyer’s Regency world/Kloester, Jennifer
  • Jane Austen’s England/ Adkins, Roy
  • Jane Austen’s letters/ Austen, Jane
  • Mr. Darcy’s guide to courtship : the secrets of seduction from Regency England’s most eligible bachelor by Fitzwilliam Darcy/ Brand, Emily
  • Tea with Jane Austen/Wilson, Kim
  • The best of Jane Austen knits : 27 regency-inspired designs/Moore, Amy Clarke
  • The Jane Austen rules : a classic guide to modern love/ Murphy, Sinéad
  • The profligate son : or, a true story of family conflict, fashionable vice, and financial ruin in Regency Britain/Phillips, Nicola
  • The writer’s guide to everyday life in Regency and Victorian England, from 1811-1901/ Hughes, Kristine
  • The Jane Austen guide to happily ever after/Kantor, Elizabeth
  • The annotated ed.: Persuasion/ Austen, Jane
  • The annotated ed.: Sense and sensibility/ Austen, Jane
  • A Jane Austen education /Deresiewicz, William
  • Jane’s fame : how Jane Austen conquered the world/Harman, Claire.
  • What matters in Jane Austen? : twenty crucial puzzles solved/ Mullan, John
  • A walk with Jane Austen : a journey/Smith, Lori
  • A truth universally acknowledged : why we read Jane Austen/Carson, Susannah
  • Jane Austen : a life revealed/Reef, Catherine.



  • A little folly/ Morgan, Jude
  • And This Our Life/ C. Allyn Pierson

  • Blackmoore/ Donaldson, Julianne
  • Darcy and Anne/ Judith Brocklehurst

  • Indiscretion/Morgan, Jude
  • The ladies of Longbourn/ Collins, Rebecca Ann
  • Miss Delacourt speaks her mind/Ashworth, Heidi
  • Mr. Darcy’s little sister/ Pierson, C. Allyn
  • Mr. Darcy’s secret/ Odiwe, Jane.
  • Mr. Knightley’s diary/ Grange, Amanda
  • My Jane Austen Summer/ Jones, Cindy S.
  • Persuasion(sound-recording) / Austen, Jane
  • The rules of gentility/ Mullany, Janet
  • The pursuit of Mary Bennet : a Pride and prejudice novel/ Mingle, Pamela
  • The truth about love : [a Cynster novel]/ Laurens, Stephani
  • Without a summer/ Kowal, Mary Robinette
  • The scandal of Lady Eleanor : a regency romance/Jeffers, Regina
  • The dancing master/  Klassen, Julie
  • The painter’s daughter/ Klassen, Julie
  • The secret of Pembrooke Park/ Klassen, Julie
  • Longbourn / Baker, Jo.
  • Expectations of happiness/ Collins, Rebecca Ann
  • Mr. Darcy’s daughter /Collins, Rebecca Ann
  • Blackmoore/ Donaldson, Julianne
  • Edenbrooke/ Donaldson, Julianne
  • Prelude for a Lord/ Elliot, Camille
  • Petticoats and promises/Friday, Penelope
  • Arabella/  Heyer, Georgett
  • Black sheep/  Heyer, Georgette
  • Cotillion/Heyer, Georgette
  • The Jane Austen marriage manual/Izzo, Kim
  • Death comes to Pemberley/  James, P. D.
  • Jane Austen’s first love/ James, Syrie
  • The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen/ James, Syrie
  • Mrs. Bennet has her say/  Juska, Jane.
  • My American duchess/James, Eloisa
  • A heart revealed/Kilpack, Josi S
  • The painter’s daughter/ Klassen, Julie
  • The tutor’s daughter/ Klassen, Julie
  • Loving Mr. Darcy : journeys beyond /Lathan, Sharon
  • No choice but seduction/  Lindsey, Johanna
  • The curiosity keeper/Ladd, Sarah E.
  • The headmistress of Rosemere/ Ladd, Sarah E.
  • The heiress of Winterwood/ Ladd, Sarah E.
  • The passions of Dr. Darcy/ Lathan, Sharon
  • Becoming Lady Lockwood : a regency romance/Moore, Jennifer
  • Jane and the Damned/ Mullany, Janet.
  • Lady Helen finds her song : a regency romance/  Moore, Jennifer
  • The independence of Miss Mary Bennet/McCullough, Colleen
  • The pursuit of Mary Bennet/Mingle, Pamela
  • Dearest cousin Jane : a Jane Austen novel/ Pitkeathley, Jill
  • Mr. Darcy’s obsession/  Reynolds, Abigail.
  • Love & friendship / Stillman, Whit
  • Reluctant duchess /White, Roseanna M.
  • The lost heiress /White, Roseanna M.
  • A matter of class/ Balogh, Mary
  • Only Beloved: a Survivors’ Club novel/ Balogh, Mary
  • Only enchanting : a Survivors’ Club novel/ Balogh, Mary
  • In love with a wicked man /  Carlyle, Liz
  • My Notorious Gentleman / Foley, Gaelen
  • The bride says no : the brides of Wishmore/  Maxwell, Cathy



  • Jane and the barque of frailty/ Barron, Stephanie
  • Where shadows dance : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery/ Harris, C. S. Harris
  • When maidens mourn : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery/ Harris, C. S.
  • Death comes to London/  Lloyd, Catherine
  • Die I will not : a John Chase mystery/  Rizzolo, S. K.


Science Fiction

  • Of noble family/  Kowal, Mary Robinette
  • Valour and vanity/  Kowal, Mary Robinette


Young Adult

  • A school for unusual girls/  Baldwin, Kathleen author
  • Exile for dreamers /Baldwin, Kathleen
  • I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend/ Harrison, Cora
  • The Dark Days Club/Goodman, Alison



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