The Other Einstein

28389305The Other Einstein is a tale of a shy but smart young women who later becomes the first wife of Albert Einstein.  It is an account of Mileva “Mitza” Marić life who becomes lost in her husband’s shadow.

Mitza ventures to Zürich to study physics and dreams to become a successful professor and physicist.  While attending school she befriends and later falls for the charismatic Albert whose dreams at becoming a famous physicist over powers her own dreams.

After suffering from a tragic life event Mitza discovers and contributions to Albert’s special theory of relativity; which is still  hotly debated.   This book  is great if you enjoying reading about complicated partnership involving “famous” men that is as fascinating as it is troubling.

After completing this book, I wanted to learn more about Mitza and her life.  Did she ever get the closer she needed to continue her life without Albert and did she ever gain the recognition to theories she contributed in?  If you enjoy this book there are many more stories about women who lived in the shadow’s of “famous men”, they will be provided below.


Want to learn more about Mitza?


List of Books & Links

  • Einstein’s Daughter: The Search for Lieserl
    by: Michele Zackheim
  • Einstein’s Daughter: The Story of Lieserl
    by Chris Vuille

  • In Albert’s Shadow: The Life and Letters of Mileva Maric, Einstein’s First Wife
    by Milan Popović

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter
    by Tim Symonds

  • Einstein Letters:
  • Einstein Archives:

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