Book Display Marketing (5)Discovering new genres in books is equally as much fun as discovering new genres in music.  Many people enjoy reading science fiction, but how many know that their are many other mini-genres within science fiction. One of these mini-genres within the “science fiction” realm is steampunk.

So what is steampunk?  Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. A lot of steampunk takes place in 19th century (British Victorian era or American “Wild West”).  It also can follow the realms of other genres such as historic fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal romance and horror.  It is also written for the children, adults and young adults.

Books most taken out.

List of books that were in display:
Some of these books have been adapted into film and they will be highlighted in red.

A riddle in Ruby / Davis, Kent
Airman / Colfer, Eoin
Alistair Grim’s odd Aquaticum / Funaro, Gregory
Beneath London / Blaylock, James P
Boneshaker / Priest, Cherie.
Clockwork lives : the bookseller’s tale / Anderson, Kevin J
Etiquette & Espionage/ Gail Carriger
Flights and chimes and mysterious times/ Trevayne, Emma
Freakangels 1/ Ellis, Warren
Gears of Wonderland/ Jason G. Anderson
Gideon Smith and the mask of the Ripper / Barnett, David
Goblin secrets / Alexander, William
Gossamer wing / Dryden, Delphine
Howl’s Moving Castle/ Jones, Diana Wynne
Incarceron / Fisher, Catherine
Jani and the great pursuit / Brown, Eric
Larklight, or, The revenge of the white spiders!, or, To Saturn’s rings and back!
Legacy of the clockwork key / Bailey, Kristin
Leviathan / Westerfeld, Scott.
Mothstorm [sound recording] : the horror from beyond Georgium Sidus! / Reeve, Philip
Phoenix rising / Ballantine, Philippa
Prodigal ; and, Riven / Jolley, Tyler H.
Prudence/ Gail Carriger
Shadowlark / Spooner, Meagan
Soulless/ Gail Carriger
Splintered/ AG Howard
Starcross : a stirring adventure of spies, time travel and curious hats / Reeve, Philip.
Stardust/ Gaiman, Neil
Steampunk Alphabet
The aeronaut’s windlass / Butcher, Jim
The alloy of law : a Mistborn novel / Sanderson, Brandon
The Boundless / Oppel, Kenneth
The clockwork crown : a clockwork dagger novel / Cato, Beth
The clockwork scarab : a Stoker & Holmes novel / Gleason, Colleen
The devious Dr. Jekyll / Carr, Viola
The Dragon Lantern : a League of Seven novel / Gratz, Alan
The Expeditioners and the secret of King Triton’s lair / Taylor, Sarah Stewart
The expeditioners and the treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon / Taylor, S.S.
The girl in the steel corset / Cross, Kady
The golden compass / Pullman, Philip
The Invention of Hugo Cabret/ Selznick, Brian
The Invisible Library/ Genevieve Cogman
The knot impossible, a tale of Fontania : Rufkin’s travels in four acts / Else, Barbara
The League of Seven / Gratz, Alan
The Looking Glass Wars/ Beddor, Frank
The lost kingdom / Kirby, Matthew J.
The mark of the dragonfly / Johnson, Jaleigh
The Peculiar / Bachmann, Stefan
The shadow revolution / Griffith, Clay
The Steam Mole/ Freer, Dave
The Tick-Tock Man/ Hamilton, K. R. (Kersten R.)
The undying legion/ Griffith, Clay
The watchmaker of Filigree Street / Pulley, Natasha
Viminy Crowe’s comic book / Jocelyn, Marthe
Woundabout / Rosen, Lev AC.

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