The Lace Reader

The Lace ReaderTITLE:  The Lace Reader

AUTHOR: Brunonia Barry

GENRE:  Adult | Contemporary | Mystery | Paranormal

RATING: 3.5/5

SETTING(S) :  Salem, Massachusett (21st Century)

SUBJECT:  Family relations, Ghosts, Murder, Mysticism, Witches &  Prophecy

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Towner Whitney (Sophia), John Rafferty, Eva Whitney, May Whitney, Emma Boynton &  Cal Boynton.

BOOK SUMMARY: Look into the lace? When the eyes begin to fill with tears and the patience is long exhausted, there will appear a glimpse of something not quite seen… In this moment, an image will begin to form? in the space between what is real and what is only imagined. Can you read your future in a piece of lace? All of the Whitney women can. But the last time Towner read, it killed her sister and nearly robbed Towner of her own sanity. Vowing never to read lace again, her resolve is tested when faced with the mysterious, unsolvable disappearance of her beloved Great Aunt Eva, Salem’s original Lace Reader. Told from opposing and often unreliable perspectives, the story engages the reader’s own beliefs. Should we listen to Towner, who may be losing her mind for the second time? Or should we believe John Rafferty, a no nonsense New York detective, who ran away from the city to a simpler place only to find himself inextricably involved in a psychic tug of war with all three generations of Whitney women? Does either have the whole story? Or does the truth lie somewhere in the swirling pattern of the lace?   Via: Good Reads



First off I read this book through a eReader that I rented at the Public Library.  I believe it was a Kindle and they had a bunch of books already saved onto the device.  I decided to rent one with all the top adult books on it.  So I had just plan text with the title and author of the book.  The list was way to long to check out the description of the book on Good Reads so I had to rely on title alone.

I was going to read “Memoir’s of a Geisha” but decided I wanted to read something I had not seen the movie adaptation to.  After a few chapters into the book I figured it was going to be a mystery.  I like mysteries but this book did not read as a mystery more like reading about a young woman in her 30’s trying to figure out the blanks in her life.  { You see she had some sort of accident that totally wiped out pieces of her life so she wrote important moments that she could remember in her life in a journal.  She doesn’t totally forget everything just pieces of it.  She remembers her love ones in her life like her mom, sister, brother aunt and grandmother.  After spending months in the hospital she returns to her home in California where she gets a call from her brother.  It isn’t a how are you doing kind of call, more like Aunt Eva is missing and you need to come home kind of call.  So she goes back to her childhood home in Salem, Massachusetts.  While there the pieces to discovering what happened to her Aunt Eva and the blank pieces of her life come together. }

It is written well done and kept me interested in the mystery that the book was trying to resolve and putting the pieces back together in Towner’s life. This books talks a lot about abusive relationships between husbands and wives but also talks how that kind of abusive relationship will harm the children.  There is one incident that may have some readers feeling skirmish but it really doesn’t get too graphic or really to bad.  There are a lot of climatic events in the book especially towards the end and you find out which part of Towner’s story is fact and which part of it were totally made up by Towner herself.  It leaves you with surprises you were not expecting because Towner’s seems to have had a pretty normal childhood.  In the end I believe she does have some closer with the events in her life.