Soulless_by_Gail_Carriger_1st_edition_coverTITLE:  Soulless

AUTHOR:  Teri Wilson

GENRE: Adult | Fiction | Steampunk | Romance |  Fantasy | Mystery | Historic Fiction


SETTING(S) :  19th Century,  London England

SUBJECT: Love, Romances (Fiction), Vampires, Werewolves, Death, Friendship

MAIN CHARACTERS: Alexia Tarabotti,  Lord Conall Maccon, Lord Akeldama, Professor Lyall, Miss Ivy Hisselpenny, Queen Victoria, Royalty

SUMMARY:  First, she has no soul. Second, she’s a spinster whose father is both Italian and dead. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all standards of social etiquette.Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for Alexia accidentally kills the vampire–and then the appalling Lord Maccon (loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf) is sent by Queen Victoria to investigate.With unexpected vampires appearing and expected vampires disappearing, everyone seems to believe Alexia responsible. Can she figure out what is actually happening to London’s high society? Will her soulless ability to negate supernatural powers prove useful or just plain embarrassing? Finally, who is the real enemy, and do they have treacle tart?

~ Via: Good Reads



MY REVIEW: I was not too sure if I was going to like this book at first.  I figure I read the first five chapters why not continue.  I’m glad I continued because as the story moved on Miss Tarabotti got into more trouble.  I kept thinking to myself how is she going to get her self out of another mess.  It got more interesting trying to figure out who or what would save her.  But she did not just let things happen to her she just some how figure out what was the best way to get out of her mess through her intelligence and resourcefulness of staying calm.   I would say I would recommend this book to adults but not anyone under 18 years of old. Heck probably no one under 21 years old.  There is some (a bunch) sexual content but it does not get at all that graphic (like the true romance novels).  At least the writer left to some imagination.  She describes the kissing and the embracing but it does not at all get that graphic.  Trust me,  I’ve read more graphic novels then this.

Yes there was a lot of touching feeling between Alexia & Lord Maccon, more than what one would expect in Victorian times. And a little too much for my own personal taste.  It was more of a modern relationship between the two characters.  But they did not go as far as kissing, sometime I wondered if it were going to go beyond that at times.  The kissing did get a little old.  We’ve got it!!  They have a physical attraction.  Nothing you would expect from characters who actually lived in the Victorian era. At least you hope.  But that what makes Historic Fiction and especially Steampunk fun to read.  It does not have to be 100% historical or period correct.  The mystery part of the book, was enjoyable because I did not feel like I was reading a mystery novel.  It kind of was part of the story itself.

If I had to choose a favorite character it would be Professor Lyall because he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And was able to keep Lord Maccon calm and talk sense into him.  I guess I have a little of the professor in me and that maybe the reason why I liked him so much.  Plus he knew that Miss Tarabotti and Lord Maccon were going to hook up and get married before the two in question did.