Clementine plant box

Want a great project that you and the kids can do together?  Does your family eat a lot of clementines?  Do not know what to do with all those boxes besides throwing them in the trash?  Well here is one great way to reuse those clementine boxes.  ~  They can also be used to store your art supplies, you use for this project:)



* 1 Clementine box

* White Paint (spray paint tends to drip a lot)

* Acrylic paint

* Chalk Board Spray Paint

* Garden Cloth (reuse your wild bird or pet’s food bags)

* Potting Soil

* Seeds

Supplies05Supplies08 Supplies03






Directions: (fun part!!!)

1. Get rid of all the paper, plastic & all the other packaging rubbish from your container.  Please be careful especially around the staples and don’t remove the staples because they are important to keep the box together.

2. Spray Chalk Board paint on one side of your box. (Will take at least 2 – 4 coats of spray and allow paint to dry between coats.  ~ This will allow you to label your plants or the type of box you’re creating)

3. Let the Chalk Board paint dry until it is at least dry to the touch.

4. Then you can apply a thick coat of white paint so that you don’t see the advertisement that is left on the box when you go to paint the rest of the box with your acrylic paints.

5. Let the white paint fully dry before you allow the kids to paint over it with acrylic paints.

6. GET CREATIVE!!  Let the kids paint what ever they want on top of the white paint, using the acrylic paints.  (Make sure to allow the paint to dry before doing another side of the box.  May take 15 – 30 minutes to dry)

7. LINING!! Use either garden cloth or an old pet/seed bag for your lining.  The pet/seed bags are very glossy on the opposite side and can hold the soil and water very well.

6. Fill your container with soil and add in the seeds. It is best to use low root seeds (herbs and flowers).

7. Water and watch them grow.

Project03 Project04






Special Notes:

Other containers you can use for this project are….
Tea Tins, Mason Jars, Wine Bottle Box, Soda Crate & Wooden Tool Box.

Clay Pots & Chalkboard Paint =

Wine Box Containers =

Windowsill Herb Garden =



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