If the Slipper Fits

Written By: Jennifer .M.

TITLE:  If the Slipper Fits

AUTHOR:  Olivia Drake

GENRE: Adult | Fiction | Romance | Mystery | Historic Fiction | Regency Romance


SETTING(S) :  1836 Yorkshire | Kevernstow | Kevern Castle | England

SUBJECT: Cinderella Slippers | 1836 Society | Love vs. Lust | Romance | Achaelogy

MAIN CHARACTERS: Ms. Annabelle Quinn, Mrs. Baxter, Lady Milford, Nicholas Duke of Kevern, Lord Simon Westbury, Mrs. Wickett, Vicar Percival Bunting and Mr. Tremayne.

SUMMARY:  Raised in a girls’ school, Ms. Annabelle Quinn longs for the world outside the walls of the academy. When she’s hired as the governess to an orphaned duke, Annabelle never expects the child’s breathtakingly handsome guardian to capture her imagination—or her heart. Via: Good Reads


MY SUMMARY: Annabelle always felt like an outcast because she did not know who her parents were, like most of the girls in Mrs. Baxter Academy.  She dreamt of a life outside its walls. Then one day her dream comes true and she is hired to be a governess to an 8 year old duke who just lost his parents.  What adventures will await for her at Kevern Castle.  Will she ever find the love she always dreamed of?

MY REVIEW:  The last time I read a romance novel was in college during my women’s studies class.  I could not even finish that book due to each or every other chapter having some form of sexual imagery.  So I was hesitant to begin to read this book when my sister handed it to me.  Especially after reading the reviews attached to the front cover.

But I am glad that I read it.  It had good characters and interested plot.  Yes it had a couple of sexual imagery/events in it especially once you reach chapter 20.  Some comments referred to the romance scenes.  I do not know for those viewers if it had to much or not enough sexual imagery for them.  But of what it had was at times to much for this viewer.

What I did enjoy was  Annabelle’s reactions with the other characters and her environment.  It gave you the sense of what was social life like in the 1830’s. That a women would not give herself to a man and did not even think about being in a room alone with a man knowing that it would ruined her reputation and connections in society.  I believe that is what caused a problem to some readers.  They could not understand why there were so many conflicted emotions within Annabelle or Simon.  These readers probably were thinking do the deed already.  I believe then that would of dirty up the plot and make this novel more a romance then a historical novel.   Historic novels are all about a different time and thought of society.  That is what I like about them it is how people interact with each other and the thinking process. That is why Jane Austen and so many others are classics today.  I also like that their was an add mystery (celtic site and who was trying to shoot Annabelle or the young Duke) involved within the plot.

Some also commented that they wanted to discover the history or the mystery behind the ruby slippers (glass slippers) but I think that was not the point of the story.  That the series are going to connect several individuals with one common connection which are these ruby slippers.  As readers we might find out as the series develops the author might include hints of the slippers original owners or might write a book just on that.