Animation of The Hobbit

Written By: Jennifer .M.

Film: The Hobbit
Year: 1977
Rated: 3/5
Type: Animated
Director: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.
Writer: Romeo Muller
Actors: Orson Bean, John Huston, Hans Conried, Paul Frees, Jack DeLeon, Don Messick, John Stephenson and Richard Boone.

Summary: A homebody hobbit in Middle Earth gets talked into joining a quest with a group of dwarves to recover their treasure from a dragon. Via: IMDb


My Review: So many fans of Tolkien, Lord of the Rings and The hobbit have refereed to this first attempt of Middle Earth.  No matter where I read on the internet fans suggested it was a must see movie. I had some time on my hands one evening; I decided to take the opportunity to watch it.   After watching it I found out that it was created only 4 years after Tolkien’s death which surprised me.  It makes you wonder if Tolkien himself really wanted his work created in film…

I thought over all it was an interesting concept of Middle Earth.  I was not to thrilled how the animator created some of the characters like the elves, spiders, goblins and Smaug.  But I had to remind myself that it was a children’s film so they had to create the characters in away that it would not scare their audience.  Even though in away the elves were a little creepy in my opinion.  It was interesting how they created Gollum he looked more like a salamander then anything else.  Smaug looked like a fire breathing cat rather then a dragon.  But if you look at other animation of the time several of the characters in this animation of the hobbit is very similar to those.

I found it had some similarity and difference with the present day attempt to the Hobbit.  You get introduce to Bilbo very similar to Peter Jackson film.  Just like todays films they decide to skip the scenes of the Mirkwood elves gathering in the forest.  But thats where the similarites stop.

The difference between the two begin with the introduction to the dwarves.  Peter Jackson honors Tolkiens work by introducing the dwarves one at a time or in groups similar to what was written in the book.  Even though I was disappointed with the entrance to Beorn’s homestead at least Jackson’s film included it. This film did not even include it; the eagles just transport the company straight to Mirkwood.

After watching this other edition of the retailing of Tolkien’s work I have decided that no matter who directs or creates the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit several fans are going to be disappointed on what is being shown on screen.  That is what is so great about cinema there are always new technology and different ways to tell the same story.  I think no matter what, you are honoring a authors work by sharing it with audience on tv or in the movie theaters.  If it is really good you just might inspire someone in the audience to read the original work.