The Firebird

The-FirebirdTITLE:  The Firebird

AUTHOR: Susanna Kearsley

GENRE:  Adult Fiction, Historic Fiction, Romance & Contemporary


SETTING(S) :  Modern Day, England & 1715, St.Petersburg, Russia

SUBJECT:  Friendship, Psych Abilities, Family and Russia

MAIN CHARACTERS: Nicola Marter, Anna Moray, Rob McMorran, Edmund O’Connor, Captain Jamieson, Vice Admiral Gordon, Empress Catherine & Colonel Graeme


Nicola has special abilities but after a woman seeking to appraise her family heirloom a firebird statue she realizes she needs some help discovering its past. Nicola reconnects with her friend Rob McMorran after two long years, to discover the hidden past of the firebird.  Nicola & Rob travel to Scotland, Belgium and end up in St.Petersburg Russia to gather the final clues of Anna Jamieson’s life.

Anna is a young girl of 8 years who has been raised by the Logan family until she discovers that she was never really theirs to begin with.  After befriending Colonel Graeme she is taken to Belgium to live with some Irish Catholic nuns where she learns to read & write.  After her location is discovered by King George supporters, Anna seeks the help of Admiral Gordon to find a safe place to call home & a family of her own.

As Nicola discovers the owner and creator of the Firebird she finds that her special abilities are more to what they seem and learns to trust herself and others.



This is one of my favorite books of 2013.  It had very interesting characters and plot and I loved how Nicola & Rob’s friendship bloomed as they discovered more about the firebird’s past.  I’m glad their friendship was not like love at first site because I think it would have change how the plot and finding the hidden past of the fire bird.  They had to discover that friendship like discovering the hidden past of the firebird.

It was a mystery that kept you interested in finding more clues and trying to figure out how all the pieces fit.  I love that.  I highly recommend this book to folks who love history and a good mystery.  Yes it has two characters Nicola & Rob who have special psych abilities but I felt the way the past was being discovered was like looking into a memory.  Kinda like how in the tv series “Sleepy Hallow” portrays the past.  It was like entering a memory.

I can’t wait to read more books written by  Susanna Kearsley and heard many of her other books are even better than the Firebird.  Looking forward to that.