Born of Persuasion

Born of PersuasionTITLE:  Born of Persuasion

AUTHOR: Jessica Dotta

GENRE:  Adult Fiction, Historic Fiction, Romance & Mystery


SETTING(S) :  1838, England

SUBJECT:  Friendship, Murder, Marriage & Faith or lack of.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Julia Elliston, Edward Auburn, Chance Macy & Lady Foxmore

SUMMARY:  The year is 1838, and seventeen-year-old Julia Elliston’s position has never been more fragile. Orphaned and unmarried in a time when women are legal property of their fathers, husbands, and guardians, she finds herself at the mercy of an anonymous guardian who plans to establish her as a servant in far-off Scotland.With two months to devise a better plan, Julia’s first choice to marry her childhood sweetheart is denied. But when a titled dowager offers to introduce Julia into society, a realm of possibilities opens. However, treachery and deception are as much a part of Victorian society as titles and decorum, and Julia quickly discovers her present is deeply entangled with her mother’s mysterious past. Before she knows what’s happening, Julia finds herself a pawn in a deadly game between two of the country’s most powerful men. With no laws to protect her, she must unravel the secrets on her own. But sometimes truth is elusive and knowledge is deadly.
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This is a saga, so don’t expect this book to end with a happy conclusion.  Poor orphaned Julia has no way figuring out what is true and what is false.  From the beginning we gather that she has some mysterious guardian, but as readers we don’t know who it is and the real story behind Mrs. Elliston’s death.  Was it murder or naturally caused?  And what with all the secrets? I know then it would not be a mystery.

Me personally if her guardian just told her who he was maybe she would not have made some of the choices she made.  But some of her choices I felt she made too quickly without getting all the facts.  Some but not all the wrong choices she made – – #1. Trusting Mr. Macy after two days knowing him  – #2. Spending time with Mr. Macy alone without a chaperone. – #3. Not getting all the facts before making her final decision.


The plot did get interesting but you kinda got frustrated with Julia at times.  And the ending seemed to go on and on at times. But I think it was effected by what characters said or did.  And could not conclude until Julia became desperate to ask for a character she should have asked for help from the beginning.

If you like Victorian/Regency based novels, you’ll like this book.  There isn’t a whole lot of kissing and such.  It is pretty PG rated.  You do end up finding out the guardian’s identity but not until close to the end of the book.  And Julia does put herself into a bad situation and the book ends in a cliff hanger.  The next book does not come out until the middle part of next year.  You’ve been warned.  It is a great book to start in the beginning of 2014 and continue on when the next book comes out.