Seeing Redd

seeingred3TITLE:  Seeing Redd

AUTHOR: Frank Beddor

GENRE:  Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure & Science Fiction


SETTING(S) :  19th Century, Wonderland

SUBJECT:  Fantasy, Royalty, Wars and Adventure

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Queen Alyss Heart, Redd Heart, Dodge, Hatter Madigan, King Arch and  Homburg Molly


Queen Alyss is back on her throne and the deposed Queen Redd has been locked away in the Heart Crystal. While Alyss enjoys the peace, plans are afoot to ensure it doesn’t last for long. Alyss thinks Redd is her only threat, not realizing that King Arch of the Boarderland is plotting mischief. King Arch plans to overtake Wonderland through the rules of diplomacy, but Redd leaps in unexpected and  puts his plan to her use. All Alyss really wants to do is have private time with Dodge, but that doesn’t look likely to happen…

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After reading non-stop Historic Fiction and Adult Fiction I wanted to read something different.  Earlier this year I had read the first book in the series “The Looking Glass Wars”.  I enjoyed this book equally as the first.  It has good characters, okay plot and keeps the reader’s attention.  I highly recommend this book to tweens/teens and their parents to read this book together, because I think both would equally enjoy it.
It is a whole new twist to the traditional “Alice in Wonderland” tale with a bit of sci-fiction weaponry in the mix.  Both boys and girls would love this book because it has the magic that the girls would enjoy, the adventure & war that would keep the boys entertained.  It is not at all that violent, but I would say it is best for 13 year and up audiences.  The ending is great and I can’t wait to find out if we’ve heard the last of Queen Redd or not.