The Winter Witch

TITLE:  The Winter Witch

AUTHOR: Paula Brackston

GENRE:  Young Adult,  Adult Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Historic Fiction and Fantasy

RATING: 3.5/5

SETTING(S) : Wales, United Kingdom,  19th century AD

SUBJECT:  Magic, Romances, History, Marriage, Witches, Ranch life and Supernatural

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Morgana Pritchard, Cai Jenkins, Mrs. Jones and Isolda Bowen


Morgana is different from all the other girls in her small early nineteenth-century town: She is mute and mysterious and is able to use her magical powers at will. Her mother is determined to find her a suitor when she hears about Cai Jenkins, the ranch herder from the far hills who knows nothing about Morgana and the stories that surround her. Cai and Morgana are quickly married, and he takes her to the mountains of Wales, where she falls in love with his farm and the wild landscape that surrounds it. As Morgana begins to blossom in her magical powers, Cai begins to work on her affections and slowly wins her over. But soon, the villagers are aware of Morgana and her oddity, causing a dark force to rise up to hunt her down. Morgana must rely on her powers to save her home, her man, and herself.

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If you subtract the whole magic spectrum in the novel it felt very much like a historic novel.  The magic in this novel wasn’t the typical sort you read in things like “Harry Potter” but the typically herbal and changing various elements kind.  If you’re not into the whole paranormal type fiction but pure historical fiction.  This is the book for you because it did not focus in the whole magic thing.  It is basically a story of a young woman who is trying to make her marriage work because without trying to find some friendship in it, there is really no other place to go.  She lives in a time when women still had no rights and their lives were solely on getting married and doing their duties as mothers and wives.

What makes her unique is she does not speak the whole time and as a reader you can only figure her out through her inner most thoughts and her non-verbal communication that is read by other characters.  As her and Cai’s relationship becomes closer he gains the ability to read her and figure out exactly what she is trying to say.

This book has alot of things happening and “WHAT” moments to keep the reader’s interest going.  It is for fans of historical fiction and fiction.  It was a joy to read but in some moments took sometime to read.  If you love to read you will have no problem to read it, but if you hate reading it is probably a book you should try to find as a recorded book, if it is available. It didn’t get really interesting until the last couple characters.