Raven Flight

TITLE:  Raven Flight

AUTHOR: Juliet Marillier

GENRE:  Young Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance and Paranormal


SETTING(S) : Alban, Fictional Location

SUBJECT:   Fantasy, Magic, Interpersonal relations, Adventure, Revolutions, Adolescent interpersonal relations and Questing

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Neryn, Flint,  Tali and Good Folk


Neryn has safely come to live in Shadowfell as the winter season begins.  She gains the respect from her fellow rebels as she learns more about her hidden ability.  As the rebel clan awaits for spring,  Neryn begins her training as a soldier so she can defend herself when it is time for her to start her journey in finding the Guardian of old and learn more about her special abilities.

As spring draws near plans are devised and Neryn begins the treacherous journey with Tali as her faithful guard to the west and north to find the Guardians before another winter comes to Shadowfell.  Will she be able to achieve and learn what she can before winter comes or will she become distracted with the relationship she has with Flint?  Will the rebels devise a plan that will enable them to take control of Alban in such short of time?



This part of Neryn’s journey becomes more dangerous as more clans support the king.  The ending in itself provided “WHAT!!” moments and leave the reader wanting more.  The dangers are not only physical but emotion.   As the story goes along Neryn and Flint relationship that started as one of friendship, ends up as one of love. And at this point of the story any love relationship is one without its own risk.  Considering it is a time where people are dying and going against neighbor and family members.

At one point I found myself wanting to put the book down because it was just two women going on the journey to the West and then the North, but as things started to happen I could not put the book down.  I would not suggest this book and the series for those who want action or the plot to take hold from the beginning.  Like all journeys there is a time when there is not much happening.  It took sometime for the reader to figure out why the book was called “Raven Flight” but is was one of those “ah ha” moments when you come to realize the reason for the title.

I love the series because of the little bits of detail in finding what is going on in Neryn’s world and her journey in discovering her gift and how she can help those who live in it.  In the end of this book she finds friendship up North and new abilities she discovers while she visits the West.  Both experiences have given her greater wisdom and it is only one example how each experience in life brings greater wisdom.