TITLE:  Shadowfell

AUTHOR: Juliet Marillier

GENRE:  Young Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance and Paranormal


SETTING(S) : Alban, Fictional Location

SUBJECT:   Fantasy, Magic, Interpersonal relations, Adventure, Revolutions, Adolescent interpersonal relations and Questing

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Neryn, Flint,  King Keldec and Good Folk


Sixteen-year-old Neryn has been traveling around Alban with her father for three long years.  They live from one place to another for no more than 2 days.  Two days are long enough to provide temporary sanctuary for Neryn and her gift.   Until the winter of her 16th birthday their situation become desperate and unfortunate events changes Neryn’s world upside down.

She is sold to a mysterious man for but a few coins and as the boat is engulfed by flame, Neryn witnesses her father’s death.  Who is this mysterious man and what is intentions for Neryn.  How will Neryn keep her gift and plans to travel to Shadowfell a secret from this mysterious man?



After visiting my local library I picked up four books, not knowing what to expect from each one.  All I had was the description and the book cover to rely on.  I am happy to say that after reading the description of this book I was very surprised and felt that it did not take a whole lot away in figuring out Neryn’s journey and learning more about her gift.

I hate it when descriptions basically give away the whole storyline to readers.  It’s like reading the whole book in less than 2 minutes.  Why bother reading the book….

I could not put this book down, it was a joy to read.  The book is written through Neryn’s eyes because she spends a lot of time by herself even though this mysterious man seems to be always on her trail.  She tries to run away from him due to her lack of trust, but who wouldn’t do the same thing if there was someone hot on your trail who was trying to kill you due to your special gift or ability.  There weren’t any other character’s perspective because many of the characters came in and out of the storyline.

It is a story about Neryn and her journey in trying to figure out and discovering her special gift and its lessons.  It is also learning how to forgive and how to mourn for loved ones who’ve died tragically.  It is a great book for teens and adults.  It doesn’t have a lot of action and may bore some readers who like the sword fighting and a little more action.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to find out what happens to Neryn and Flint.