TITLE:  Star-Crossed

AUTHOR: Linda Collison

GENRE:  Young Adult, Adult Fiction and Adventure


SETTING(S) : 18th Century, United Kingdom and Barbados

SUBJECT:   Sea stories, Survival, Orphans, Sex roles and Adventure

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Patricia Kelley,  Aeneas MacPherson and John Dalton


Star-Crossed is the debut novel from author Linda Collison. In 18th-century England, teenager Patricia Kelley enjoys a life of wealth and privilege. But after her father’s sudden death, Patricia is saddled with debt, forcing her to leave her posh boarding school and travel across the seas to Barbados. There she plans to take possession of her father’s plantation and work her way back into civilized society, but the journey across the ocean changes her forever. By the light of day, she continues in the role of a proper English girl, carousing with those of her class and training as a nurse.

But at night, Patricia comes alive alongside the rough-and-tumble sailors. As the ship traverses the seas, Patricia wonders if she will ever be able to reconcile these two parts of herself and find lasting happiness….

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The description behind the book did give away a few key points in the book.  If I began to get confused and did not want to wait to find out what was to happen I just had to look over the description.  But it is safe to say that I still throughly enjoyed this book, could not wait to find out what happened next to Patricia.

The end was a little disappointing with the reunion of Patricia and Dalton.  I think a few extra sentences would have made it more significant and dramatic.  Hopefully with the second book to this series Linda Collison will put more emphasis in the ending and rather than just ending it.  In my opinion the ending of a book is just as important as the beginning.  But being her first book I felt it was good.  It had wonderful characters and plot.  The descriptions of the setting and what was happening did not drag on and on so I would say it deserved its 3/5 rating.

If you like sea stories I highly recommend this book.
I will probably read the second part of this short series.