The Stolen One

TITLE: The Stolen One

AUTHOR: Suzanne Carlisle Crowle

GENRE: Young Adult, Historic Fiction, Mystery


SETTING(S) :  16 & 17th Century England | Blackchurch Cottage

SUBJECT:  Secrets | Self Identity | Mary Seymour | Historic Mystery

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Katherine Bab (Kat), Anna Bab, Grace Bab, Christian Dawe, Uncle Godfrey Dawe, Agnes Dawe, Queen Elizabeth, Lady Ludmore, Lord Rafael Ludmore, and Nicholas Pigeon.

BOOK COVER SUMMARY: Kat’s true identity is a secret, even from her. All she has ever known are Grace and Anna and their small village. Kat wants more—more than hours spent embroidering finery for wealthy ladies and more than Christian, the gentle young farmer courting her. Continue…


MY REVIEW: This story I discovered is an interpretation of the mystery of what happened to Mary Seymour the daughter of Queen Catherine Seymour.  In the back of the book the author notes that the history of the child ends when she is two years old.  This is her interpretation of what happened.

At time this story drifted and seemed it would not end.  This does not mean that it was not a great book to read or that I could not put it down.  Katherine wants so much to discover who her parents are not realizing that it would not help her discover who she is.  She fantasies who Queen Elizabeth is and what being in the palace is like; she is not prepared for the reality.  At the end she looses all the family she has ever known and has a chance of loosing the one love she ever had.  Just to discover who she is.

At the end her gift of needle and thread saves her through the twist and turns of court and love.  Later she discovers her self and the mystery of her birth.  Finally deciding what she wants out of life and has peace with her past.