The Night Angel

The Night AngelTITLE:  The Night Angel

AUTHOR: T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn

GENRE:  Historic Fiction, Adventure and Inspirational Fiction


SETTING(S) :  1834, Washington D.C and North Carolina

SUBJECT:  Slavery, Faith, Friendship and Love.

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Serafina Gavi, Alessandro Gavi, Bettina Gavi, John Falconer, Nathan Baring and Ada Hart


Young Serafina Gavi has recovered from a traumatic love affair that left her destitute and working as a maid in England. With the help of a man named John Falconer, Serafina has been reunited with her parents in Washington, D.C., and is able to begin her life again. Serafina’s father joins forces with Falconer to prospect for gold in the Carolina mountains. When Falconer sets off on a prospecting mission but doesn’t return, it is assumed he is dead. Falconer, however, has a secret mission–to work against the slavery he finds so despicable. He teams up with members of the Underground Railroad to help the fight against slavery.

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This book is about faith, hope and love but has a focus on faith.  I can over look it and find it is not a big deal, but some readers might find it too much and simply put down the book.  I had no problem with it but it would not be one of my favorite book or top 10 books I would recommend.

It had a wonderful plot, characters and storyline.  But it seemed to drag on sometimes and I would find myself bored at times.  It is a relatively short book with only 315 pages in it.  Which is relatively short and I’m glad it did not drag on any further because it would have affected the storyline and possibly I would have set the book down and stopped reading it if it had been any longer.

I would recommend this book to fans of inspirational fiction and who are interested in reading books about faith.  However I would not recommend it to my friends who like a good Historical Fiction or novel on Adventure.  If you’re interested in reading a book about two people’s faith and it being put to the test, this is a book for you.  If you’re more interested in adventure and romance I would not recommend this book to you.