Making Hula Hoops

After borrowing someones hula hoop for a week.
Loosing 8 inches and 3 pounds.  I decided I needed to buy one or make one to continue my progress.

I first searched my local stores like Walmart and Sports Authority for a weighted hula hoop.  All Walmart had was the inexpensive ones that are made for kids with no weight in them.  Then I checked Sports Authority and they wanted $25 to $35 for them.

I even shopped around online. You could find some between $10 to $20 dollars but if you looked at the shipping it cost more then the hoop itself.   That is when I decided to try making one.

There are so many articles and youtube videos on how to create one.  They sound simple enough.
Yeah right…

First off I went to my local hardware store and no one knew about PVC pipes or Irrigation tubing.  So I tried going to one of the large well known hardware stores.  Thankfully when I went to the location where all the tubes and pipes were, there was a helpful gentlemen who could help me out.

I was able to find a piple that was already cut and the perfect length.  It was only $4 and the connector was $1 something.  I get home and really want to create it so I could start exercising.  I put the first end into the connection with the no problem and it stays put. The next one to connect the two ends was the problem.

Apparently I allowed it to expand to much that the connector kept on coming out.
NOTE: watch how much it expanses; if it expanses to much it will not properly connect.  I tried Gorilla tape and it worked okay but it still came off.

I tried super glue then put the Gorilla tape for added support and thickness between the two connections.The gorilla tape is much thicker then duck tape or any other tape out there.  It helps when you twirl the hoop if you have a small gap in between the two connections that you do not feel that gap.  At the end it was a success!

Another problem was what to fill in the hoop to create the weight of it and the thickness of the hoop. Presently I am using a 3/4 inch tub but I find that it is to light and I had to add a large amount of material inside to weight it to the proper weight of 3 pounds.  I am going to try a inch tube during my next project.

There was little comment on what to add to your tubing to create a weighted hoop.  The only comment I saw was to add water.  Water did not add enough weight to the hoop.  I decided to use sand and water but found that it still did not put enough weight to the hoop.  I got rid of the liquid and added dry sand and the hoop finally weight enough.


1. Buy between 3/4 to inch tubing.
2. Control heat when expanding ends. Hair dryer is best used and easier to control.
3. Super Glue added to the connectors adds more reinforcement.
4. Gorilla Tap works great to help keep hoops connected and adds material between the hoops.
5. Make sure all areas are dry and clean.
6. Dried sand works best to add weight to your hoop.

July 26, 2013

After creating my hula hoop I decided to look at the one I really liked again.
Finding out that it was several inches larges then what I created.
1. It is a inch tubing
2. It is half filled with water.