Desolation of Smaug Trailer

Desolation of Smaug Trailer One
Date: June 11, 2013
Trailer One

Since this aired there has been several comments going around about it.  Even reactions towards the trailer.  One particularly got famous done by two sisters “The Happy Hobbit”.

Here is my thoughts on it.  When I first saw the trailer I got really excited.  Especially since after the first film came out in theaters then in DVD.  I wanted more.  The last film was the introduction to the characters, their journey and left the viewer wanting more.  I believe several viewers thought the first one dull but if you are a Tolken or Lord of the Rings fan you probably enjoyed it.  It also reintroduced you to the world of Middle Earth once again.  It made me feel like I was coming home.

The ending of seeing the Lonely Mountain in the distance and a sneak peak of Smaug waking up from his layer put the viewer on the edge of their seat.  Since then I have been rereading the book and are planning on reading it again after seeing the film the Desolation of Smaug in theaters this coming December.

Since I have read the book I discovered that the film only covered six chapters of the 19 chapter book.  Ending with “Out of the frying pan into the fire” in which Thorin and Gandolf quotes in the movie.  My estimation is that they are going to do the same thing in the next film and just do the next six chapters ending up at “Inside Information”.  I jumped a head of myself by reading that chapter and it is the chapter where Bilbo has the conversation with Smaug; Bilbo and company find themselves fleeing inside the Lonely Mountain to flee against Smaugs terror.

Some viewers disagree and think that the dragon needs to be killed at the end of the film.  I have not read the book for a very long time but I have no memory of Smaug getting killed.  Its like he disappears.   So only time and the film industry knows what is going to happen.

View of Trailer One:  The trailer begins with the King of the Elves of Mirkwood summarizing the Dwarfs reasons of coming into his land “Where does your journey end… the quest to claim a homeland and to slay a dragon”.  Then it shows clips of different sections of the dwarfs coming journey ( meeting Beorn the bear shifter, chased by giant spiders, imprisoned by elves, being put into barrels, going into Lake Town and finally on the Lonely Mountains edge).

When they are in the barrels they are being chased by something.  I have read and heard comments that they are orcs or goblins.  They seem to fast or the movement does not match to be either I thinking that they are being chased by the elves who discover that their prisoners have escaped. I may be proved wrong in this theory.

The trailer also includes a scene of the white orc who since the beginning of the film has been chasing the hobbit and company.   Like most fans I hope the second film puts the end to that enemy.  The scenes that include the white orc and orc riders do not truly bother me.  It works in the scenes that show them.  But I do not mine if those scenes end and focuses more on the trouble at the end which is Smaug.

At the end of the trailer you finally get more of a glimpse of the dragon Smaug.  The color is unclear what the film makers and WETA decided to choose.  In the book noted on page 233 that Smaug is a “vast red-golden dragon”.  In the first edition to the movie you get a little glimpse of the possible color when he first goes through the dwarfs kingdom and the color of the dragon kite flying before the attack is made.  So this gives me hope that he will be some sort of red color.

I am also hoping that they have more singing or vocal music in the background.  I was disappointed that there was none when you revisit Rivendale.  I hope they include some of the songs or taunts that Tolken included in the next couple of chapter.  At the end I can not wait for the next film…..

 July 8, 2013

A new blog just came out posted by Peter Jackson on July 1st while I was writing this review.
After watching it I am wondering if my guest of where they are going to end the next film is going to be correct.

Based on the vlog they are doing touch up with the destruction of Lake-town.  They showed some scenes of the dwarfs in spider webs and going down the river in barrels.  The question is where are they going to end.  Either way fans will have enough scenes with the dragon rather I am correct or not.  My opinion still ends with Bilbo having the conversation with Smaug and Smaug leaving his mountain layer leaving both the viewer and company what is going to happen.

The next chapter of the book is very intense.  You still have the burning of Lake-town, the coming of elves and men to the Loney Mountain and a surprise war at the end.  With Bilbo coming back to the Shire as one changed hobbit.