The Turncoat

The TurncoatTITLE:  The Turncoat: Renegades of the Revolution

AUTHOR: Donna Thorland

GENRE:  Historic Fiction, Romance, Adventure,


SETTING(S) :  1777 – 1780; Philadelphia, PA

SUBJECT:  American Revolution, Spies, Colonial Army, Love, Friendship and secret identities.

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Kate Grey,  Angele Ferrers, Peter Tremayne, Bayard Caide,  Captain Andre, Carl Donop, Arthur Grey and Peggy Shippen


Kate Grey is content with being a single woman of 30 years and has accepted her life as a spinster living with her adoring widowed father.  The uprising of the American Revolution her father decides to join the Colonial army and leaves Kate by herself with a friend and servant Angele Ferrers. They live pretty quietly with little fear until the British army is spotted only a few miles away from their home.

A small unit headed by Major Lord Peter Tremayne seduces Kate to commander her home with little resistant to gain much-needed supplies for the British Army.  The events of love and lust turns her world upside down and her way of life as a Quaker is interrupted and put to the test.  Little does Kate know that a spy lives inside her own household.

The spy takes advantage of Kate’s predicament and leads her to George Washington’s headquarters where Kate decides her own fate and becomes a spy.  Little does Kate and Peter know that their paths will ultimately collide and risk their very lives.  Will they choose the path of loyalty and love or continue to fight for what they believe in no matter the cost(s)?



This will make the historic fiction, adventure seekers and even the romance enthusiast blush.  There is a whole lot of  seductive and sexual material in this book.  Me personally I had to skip that material because it go too much for my task and there for got through the book relatively quickly.

Kate is a strong young woman even at the age of 25 – 30 and can make her own mind. But she is a little naive when it comes to the opposite sex due to living by herself for so many years in a country/urban environment.  She has not yet learn how to protect herself from the charms of men and gets seduced by two gentlemen who are more worldly than herself.  That was the only flaw of Kate’s I felt she had but other than that I thought she was a very independent character.  I felt the men were a little two “worldly” for my taste and took advantage of the female characters who weren’t as worldly as them.  But I think it is a similar theme with many historic fiction novels.

Even Jane Austen had male characters who took advantage of the weaknesses of women who did not travel much and communicate with the opposite sex as much.  But then it was a whole different world back then; than it is now.  I felt the pot has a lot of twists and turn and kept the attention pretty well.  Which is quit good if a book takes me less time to read then say 5 days.  So I would say the books rating of 4/5 is fair since it is a book that I recommend to people who like quick reads and definitely it keeps your attention to wanting to find out what Peter and Kate decided to do.