Candle in the Darkness


candle-in-darknessTITLE: Candle in the Darkness

AUTHOR: Lynn Austin

GENRE:  Inspirational, Religious, Romance, Historic Fiction, Military History & War


SETTING(S) :  Richmond, Virginia; 1853 – 1865

SUBJECT:  American Civil War, Abolitionists, Slavery, Family, Friendship and Love

MAIN CHARACTERS: Caroline Fletcher, Eli, Tessie, Jonathan Fletcher, Charles St. John, Sally St.John, Robert Hoffman, Esther, Josiah, Ruby, Gilbert and Luella


Caroline is and outspoken young woman whose voice against slavery was well-known even in childhood. She’s lived with the cruelties of slavery and as a young independent woman is trying to figure her role in high southern society.  How is she supposed to do that without offending her deep southern family and friends who are for slavery?   After the unexpected death of her mother she lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for two years where she learns all about the Abolition movement.  After John Browns unsuccessful raid attempt in Harper’s Ferry; Caroline’s father escorts her back to Richmond, in hopes that she has not been brainwashed.   After coming back to Richmond she meets the very handsome Charles St. John (the son of a wealthy slave owner), whom she falls deeply in love with.  Carolina and Charles are ready to take the plunge of matrimony but fate has other plans for them.

The start of the American Civil War stops them in their tracks and Charles decides to join the Confederate forces along with many other able bodied men.  Caroline is left by herself with only her slaves for company.  What will she do during this time of war without the companion ship of her loyal fiance?  Will she take the risk(s) in order to help free the slaves and at what cost?




This book takes you on a journey from the beginning to the end of the American Civil War.  Caroline is a very untraditional Southern lady.  She sees slaves as people with hopes and dreams and is willing to do what she can to free them.  In my opinion it discusses one of the most popular reasons why the North and South fought which was slavery.  It gave the war a more humanistic feel to it rather than just dates and events.  Yes it is a work of fiction but the characters in this book felt so real.

If you want to read a good book of fiction on the American Civil War , especially with the 150th Anniversary going on, I highly recommend this book.   I can’t wait to read another book by Lynn Austin.