The Selection


TITLE: The Selection

AUTHOR: Kiera Cass

GENRE: Young Adult, Romance and Fiction

RATING: 5/5 and PG

SETTING(S) :  Kingdom of Illeá

SUBJECT:  True love | love circle | young love

MAIN CHARACTERS:  America Singer, Mr.and Mrs Singer, May Singer, Gerad Singer, Aspen Leger, Mrs.Leger, Silvia, Prince Maxon and Marlee Tames.

MY SUMMARY:  Kingdom of Illea is a new country that was developed from the United States after China and Russia tried to take control.   This new country was reestablished and trying to recreate this once powerful nation.  It is not a peaceful time with Rebel attacks and classes that determine what life you were suppose to live.  In the mix of it all is America a normal red head girl trying to establish her life.  She is part of class five the performing and visual artists.  She busies her self singing and helping her mom run a house hold of five.  America finds herself deep in love with a  man from class six and when she thinks she knows what her life plans are fate has other plans. The kingdom sends forms to all the girls between 16 to 25 the opportunity to fight for Prince Maxon hand in marriage and to represent their providence.  With the push of both her mom and Aspen she decided to turn in her form.  She is surprised to find out that she was chosen to represent the providence of Carolina.

She finds herself among thirty five girls trying to gain Maxon attention and living in a beautiful castle.  With one problem she is not interested in becoming a princess or queen and she heart broken.  Will her heart ever heal? Who is this Prince Maxon of Illea?


MY REVIEW:  I was second guessing my self rather I wanted to read this book or not.  There was so many negative comments on it and it seemed like nothing I would be interested in.  I only checked it out since it appeared on the list of books from other books I have read.

I would like to note I am not a big fan of “” reality tv, bachelor or the bachelorette tv shows.  The description of the book seemed like it was based on those types of showes.  I began to read it and I could not put it down.  It was so good I became America and I could relate with all the characters.  I got so into it I found myself crying at certain parts which for me is hard to do.  But when a book is good its good.

At the end I do not know which guy I would be cheering on both Aspen and Maxon both seem like great guys.  But I feel that America is going to have a hard time trusting or loving Aspen.  I believe she is dealing with the feeling (the passion, physical connection)  of him which is hard to ignore or erase.  She has to find who America is and figure out which guy would allow her to be that.  Because if she chooses who is the best lover or gives her the best physical spark that will get old really fast.

I would suggest this book to anyone who loves a good romance, society flicks and who enjoys watching the bachelor or bachelorette shows. It may be a little heated up for young teens.