The Fairest Beauty


TITLE: The Fairest Beauty

AUTHOR: Melanie Dickerson

GENRE: Historic Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance & Mystery


SETTING(S) : Medieval, England

SUBJECT: Christian life, Faith, History, Romances & Love

MAIN CHARACTERS: Sophie, Gabe, Lorencz, Walther, Petra, Roslind, Duchess Drmengard, Duke Baldewin, Duke Wilhelm, Dominyk, Dolk, Siggy, Bartel, Gotfrid, Vincz and Heinric

SUMMARY:  The beautiful Sophie is desperate to escape her controlling and cruel stepmother. When a young man arrives and insists that Sophie is to be wed to his older brother at Hagenheim Castle, Sophie sees that she finally has a chance to get away. On their journey, Sophie and Gabe soon realize that they have feelings for each other–even though they are engaged to other people and are determined to remain faithful. When Sophie and Gabe are forced to escape to the Cottage of the Seven, they find someone willing to help and protect them. However, Sophie and Gabe must quickly find a way to honor their commitments, their faith, and their growing love for each other.

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Out of all the books that Melanie Dickerson has written thus far I have to say this one has a lot of religion and faith written into it.  It is not a bad thing but it could draw young adults and teens who aren’t religious from reading this book.  I personally had no difficulty reading it but people who are not into faith and religion in general may.

It was a very different intake to the beloved Snow White story and tied into Dickerson’s first novel the Healer’s Apprentice really well.  At first I did not make the connection until the name of Gabe’s mother was announced.  I thought some of the plots within the story were kinda slow and could have had very different solutions and outcomes but I do realize why Dickerson had created the plots in the first place.  Gabe is a very inexperience warrior and had to make mistakes on his journey in order to become a more responsible adult.  And had to learn that mistakes and wrong actions do have consequences.  I think the development of Gabe’s & Sophie’s relationship and romance was more believable than the classic Walt Disney’s version of Snow White.  Instead of the love at first sight version I liked how Dickerson allowed the characters learn to trust each other and find the love and what they loved about each other instead of the whole vanity or lust love.

If you want to read an inspiring love/friendship story I highly recommend it.  If you want to read a very different version of who the seven dwarves are and why the evil queen is so evil this is a good adoption of the Snow White story.  It has a great ending and action plots.