The Tutor’s Daughter


TITLE: The Tutor’s Daughter

AUTHOR: Julie Klassen

GENRE: Historic Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance & Mystery

RATING: 4.5/5

SETTING(S) : 1817 A.D; Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

SUBJECT: Friendship, Family, Education & Love

MAIN CHARACTERS: Emma Smallwood, John Smallwood, Jane Smallwood, Sir Giles Weston, Lady Weston, Mr. Davies, Henry Weston, Phillip Weston, Julian Weston, Rowan Weston and Lizzie Henshaw

SUMMARY:  After losing his wife two years ago; John Weston an owner and teacher of  a boys academy “Smallwood Academy” needs a change in scenery.  His daughter 21-year-old Emma has been a great help teaching and supervising the Academy and it’s students.   After the last final farewell to their last remaining student, Emma can not seem to find a way to excite her father in gaining new students.  So she decides to take matters into her own hands.  Emma writes to Sir Giles in hopes that he may send his two younger sons to the academy.

After weeks have gone Emma finally receives a letter from Sir Giles but with a very different proposition then what she had hoped for.  Sir Giles invites Mr Smallwood to be his two sons live-in tutor and welcomes Jane to come along.  With very little hesitation John Smallwood decides to take on this adventure.  Upon arriving Ebbington Manor not only are they unexpected but they are also unwelcomed.  After the unwelcoming evening at Ebbington Manor strange things begin to happen to Emma.  Throughout the following week Emma is  reunited with the elder Weston sons Henry & Phillip.

Will Emma figure out who is behind the strange love letters and the nightly musical concerts.
And will she ever be truly accepted by the members of the Weston family?

– – – – – – – – – – –



Yet another compelling and wonderful novel by Julie Klassen.  As I read more and more books written by this gifted author her books seemed to get better and better.  Not only could I not put this book down but I loved how this book did not read like a romance novel.  The love between the two characters where more like finding a friendship that was hidden by the childish tricks of their childhood.  And trying to unravel it was part of the journey.


I love love this book.  It was very like Jane Eyre with its mysteries and unraveling friendship.  But it held its own.  It is a book that I would not hesitate to read again after reading a few other books.  If you are not a fan of romance novels you will throughly enjoy this book because it is so much more like a mystery than a romance.  It is a book that is very hard to characterize because it could fit into anything but Fantasy or SciFiction.

I highly recommend anyone to read this book especially fans of the recorded books.