The Looking Glass Wars


TITLE: The Looking Glass Wars

AUTHOR: Frank Beddor

GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction & Steampunk


SETTING(S) : 1859 A.D; Oxford, England, United Kingdom & Wonderland

SUBJECT: Fantasy, War & Family

MAIN CHARACTERS: Alyss, Queen Genevieve Heart, King Nolan Heart, Queen Redd Heart, Hatter Madigan, Dodge Anders, Bibwit Harte, General Doppelganger & Charles Dodgson

SUMMARY: Alyss has the extraordinary gift of White Imagination, but unfortunately does not know how to control it. All of Wonderland is in the happy celebration of Alyss’s birthday until the  palace is stormed by the evil Queen Redd.

Alyss appears as an ordinary 7-year-old roaming the streets of Victorian London but little does anyone know who she really is and the  lost she has suffered.  After her near escape of the palace she enters the Pool of Tears when she becomes separated from her body-guard Hatter Madigan and finds herself in an unfamiliar land.  After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents she is placed in a land where Wonderland & its citizens no longer exist.  They become images from the imagination.

Will Alyss ever return to Wonderland and recover from the lost of her parents?

– – – – – – – – – – –


I love reading tales and stories from my childhood in a different adaption or view point.  This is a very twisted but fun way to revisit Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass.  Its a concept that I personally would have never imagined for Lewis Carroll’s Alice but for a modern adaption of Alyss I would say yes.

The story is imaginative and compelling and leaves the reader interested and wanting more.  Yes it is a young adult series but I think even adult readers would throughly enjoy it as well.  The details in the book don’t take away the storyline or characteristics of the characters.  The characters are very different but familiar from the traditional characters of Lewis Carroll but they have more modern appeal.  They are very contemporary and are looking out purely for the well-fare of Alyss and Wonderland.

Beddor’s Wonderland has familiar spots such as the Heart Palace & Valley of Mushroom but also many new and exciting landscapes such as the Pool of Tears &  the Volcanic Plains.  If you are looking for Mad Hatters, Tea Mice & Chester Cats you will not find it in this book.  But if you are looking for Adventure, Drama & a world to Escape to, you’ll find it in this book.