TITLE: Graceling

AUTHOR: Kristin Cashore

GENRE: Young Adult & Fantasy Fiction


SETTING(S) : Indeterminate Past AD, The Seven Kingdoms

SUBJECT: Love, Adventure, Fantasy, Good Vs. Evil, Magic, Murder, Psychics

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Katsa, Raffin, Giddon, Oll, Po, Randa, Leck and Bitterblue

SUMMARY:  In Kristin Cashore’s Graceling, Lady Katsa is one of a few special people in her kingdom born with a magical gift, or grace. Katsa’s grace allows her to kill people. There are others like her in this land of seven different kingdoms, all identifiable by their different colored eyes; Katsa has both a green eye and a blue eye. She’s not pleased that she’s so skilled in this area, but her uncle, King Randa, is delighted to have her under his direction and uses her as his enforcer. She hates the killing and the maiming. As a form of atonement, she establishes a secret council that works against corruption. While on a mission for the council she meets another Graceling, Prince Po, who has one gold eye and one silver eye. Prince Po’s grace is the awareness of those around him. In this first novel in a planned series, the two set off on a quest to discover the evil that could destroy their kingdoms.

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So far both books I’ve read this year had terrible summaries.  At first glance it would not have been a book that I would have wanted to read based on the cover.  But like what I always said “never judge a book by its cover”.

I am so glad I discovered this book while composing a list for the public library to use when suggesting books to the public.  In a way all of use would love to have some sort of special gift that is highly unusual.  Katsa’s gift at first seems to have no weakness until she finds out that there is one weakness she does have.  And I think that makes her to appear more human rather than inhuman.

The author went straight to storytelling rather than focusing on descibing all the scenes and how each individual character looked like.  I enjoy those books more than books that take a whole chapter just to describe everything.  It slows the book down.  But this book I could not sit down because of the great plot and storytelling.

I was very surprised at the reunion of Po & Katsa and the effects of Po’s illness.  I would never had thought of it.  It’s another book that both teens (16 yr olds) and their parents both would enjoy.