Ghost Song


TITLE: Ghost Song

AUTHOR: Sarah Rayne

GENRE: Historical Fiction, Mystery & Contemporary

SETTING(S) : 1914 & Present day, London, England, UK

SUBJECT:  Theatre history, ghosts, entertainment, crime, Pre World War I, Edwardian era,  drama, family & friends.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Hal Chance, Toby Chance, Flora Chance, Frank Douglas, Rinaldi, Alicia Darke, Sonja Kaplen, Prospero Garrick, Anton Reznik, Stephen Reznik, Shona Seymour, Hilary Bryant, Robert Fallon, Caley Merrick, Madeleine Ferrelyn, Anna Ross and Elspeth.

SUMMARY: In the summer of 1914 the old Tarleton music hall was mysteriously closed.  The secrets of its past  are known by its ghosts.  Then Robert Fallon a surveyor hired by the Harlequin Society discovers a hidden secret from the past.  Present events become entwined with the past and reunite those from the past to the present.  A thrilling tale of crime, history and suspense in discovering what is hidden in the cellars of the Tarleton music hall and Grith house.  And how it is linked to the present? Will the Tarleton music hall ever reopen?  What ever happened to Toby Chance the notorious musical entertainer & writer?

– – – – – – – – – – –


Away from the gruesome crimes depicted in this tale I throughly enjoyed this book.  I love the atmosphere Rayne depicts in this book.  The old Edwardian era of musical theatres and the suspense of the start of World War I.   The characters in this book I really loved because they had so many believalbe human characteristics.  It is as if Toby Chance was a real entertainer of the time and Robert Fallon and Hilary Bryant were trying to solve the riddle of the reason why the Tarleton closed.

As a reader you learn of the real reason behind the closing of the Tarleton but Hilary and Robert never find the evidence to prove it.  It as if author has given the reader the chance to learn the secrets of the ghosts and their songs while she leaves her characters with questions.  Its like we know of the answer to the secrets even though the characters do not.

I typically do not read a lot of books on crime or suspense but “Ghost Song” has open the door for me to read books like “Ghost Song” that have a little history and suspense in them.


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