TITLE: Inheritance

AUTHOR: Christopher Paolini

GENRE: Fantasy Fiction

SETTING(S) : Alagaesia (fantasy kingdom)

SUBJECT:  Fantasy, Dragons, Friendship, Magic & Adventure

MAIN CHARACTERS: Eragon (dragon rider), Saphira (dragon), Glaedr (Oromis’s dragon), (Arya Dröttnin (elven ambassador & warrior), Nasuada (Varden Queen), Roran Stronghammer (warrior & Eragon’s cousin), Murtagh (Eragon’s half brother), Thorn (Murtagh’s dragon), King Orrin (King of Surda), Elva (young witch child), Angela (fortune teller & herbalist), Solembum (werecat), Jörmundur (2nd-in-command of the Varden troops), Galbatorix (evil king), Shruikan (Galbatorix’s dragon), and The Forsworn (dragon riders & Galbatorix followers).  – – – For a full list of characters…. – – –

SUMMARY:  Inheritance by Christopher Paolini is a young adult fantasy novel and the final entry in the Inheritance series. This novel focuses on the adventures of Eragon and his dragon ally Saphira. The duo came from humble beginnings and through months of practice, preparation, conflict, and heartache they have become a great team and a powerful fighting force. Eragon and Saphira have worked together to rid the kingdom of Alagaesia of many dastardly foes, but the most wicked of them all awaits. The evil king Galbatorix is the ultimate enemy, and, even with all of their preparation and strength, Eragon and Saphira will have a fight on their hands when they finally confront him. They will have to, though, if they want any chance of saving Alagaesia from certain doom… Books & Authors

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I’m not sure when I first started reading the series but every book within the cycle has taken me 2 weeks to a month to read.  Reason being that it is more than 500 pages long.  And read it in three-day I would have had to read ever waking hour.  No one has that time to spend on reading a book no matter how big or compelling it maybe.

The Inheritance series is a great series if you like novels like Lord of the Rings.  But unlike Lord of the Rings it does not read as smoothly.  There are tons of things happening all at once and all the characters in the book(s) go through lots of individual battles, family issues and adventures.  The focus of the book(s) are on the adventures of Eragon and Roran, since they are separated the majority of the time.

Who knew a young country boy would have so many adventures after finding a harmless dragon egg?  I would highly recommend someone reading all the books in the series since you will become very lost on who characters are and how & why concrete things happened.  And why miss guided characters who were good in the beginning became bad.  But if I would to choose only one book in the series this is the book I read.

Check out Inheritance and leave the every day, dragon-less and non-magical world behind.