Song of the Sparrow


TITLE: Song of the Sparrow

AUTHOR: Lisa Ann Sandell

GENRE: Young Adult, Romance & Historical Fiction

SETTING(S) : Medieval, England, UK

SUBJECT:  Arthurian Legend, Coming of Age, Knights, Romances, Friendship & Wars

MAIN CHARACTERS: Lady Elaine, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Tristan, Gwynivere and King Arthur

SUMMARY: After leaving the island of Shalott after the death of their beloved mother;  Elaine’s  father raises her and her two older brothers in a warrior camp.  There she is raised by a warrior of brothers and learns the healing arts from Morgan the sister of Arthur.  She befriends all and in time she falls in love with Sir Lancelot.   Meanwhile Saxons are destroying farms and lives all over England.  As a young warrior Arthur becomes leader of this clan of warriors after a battle has killed his uncle.  In order to reunite the British clans, Sir Lancelot goes to rouse up more troops.  Upon his arrival back to the camp; Lancelot brings the beautiful Gwynivere whom he has fallen deeply in love.  Will peace ever come back into the land and how will Elaine welcome this newcomer who has the heart of her friend and knight?

– – – – – – – – – – –


Everyone has read or watched some adaptions of the King Arthur story.  All talk about the heroics of Arthur and his royal knights a band of brothers.  But there has been very few literary and movie adaption that tell the story based on the woman’s view-point.  All end with Gwynivere and Sir Lancelot committing adultery and being forbidden to reenter the land of Camelot.  Or the tragic tale of the Lady of Shalott falling madly in love with Sir Lancelot, ending with her death.  Both stories provoke sadness and that women played very little role unless waiting for their knight in shining armor.

Lets face it, modern women today hate stories that have women waiting for their love and having very little to do with the outcome.  Song of the Sparrow is not such a story. The story itself is very unique because it combines the tales of Tristan & Lady Isolde, King Arthur & the Round Table and the tale of Lady of Shalott.  All these tales are unique in themselves but once you combine all three you get “Song of the Sparrow.

Lady Elaine is a young woman who has been raised by warriors and is used to sneaking around to over hear the goings ons of the round table and battle.  She is not used to sitting around waiting for things to happen.  She wants to do all she can for those she loves even if it is facing a few battles once in a while.  I loved this story because it is about the Lady of Shalott, but brings on a happier ending for this heroine who usually has a so unfortunate fate.  And it brings all my favorite characters together to create a most unique story.  Yes it is a coming of age story but as a reader all of us male or female have been in Elaine’s shoes and have felt betrayed by the ones we love only finding out those truest of friendships are indeed most faithful.  Regardless if you are a young adult or adult you will love this story because of the characters you love reading about but also because it is a beautiful story about friendship and love and indeed it has a compelling and wonderful plot.