A Golden Web


TITLE: A Golden Web

AUTHOR: Barbara Quick

GENRE: Young Adult & Historical Fiction

SETTING(S) :  Italy, 14th Century

SUBJECT: Italian history, Women, Medical professions, Feminism and Cultural conflict

MAIN CHARACTERS: Alessandra Giliani, Nicco Gilani, Carlo Gilani and Otto Agenius Lustrulanus

SUMMARY:  Alessandra is the eldest daughter of four.   Her father is a 14th Century Italian who owns a well established Printing Firm.  This has allowed her to be well educated and connected with a variety of books from all over the world.  She wishes to pursue a career in medicine; where as her step mother has other plans.  Her step mother plans to sending Alessandra away to marry a rich man where she can live fare away from the family she loves.

Alessandra finds herself on a journey to a convent where she is isolated until her wedding day.  But with the help of her brother and recent apprentice of her father’s printing firm; she is able to escape the convent and pursue her life in medicine.

What will she encounter in this new city and study?
Will she find a new discovery in medicine or find true love?

– – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW:  This was a great book to read.  But it was a little slow at first but at a certain point I could not put it down.  I would tell any teen to read it because it is about a girl discovering herself and trying to succeed in a difficult world.

What I thought was interest was reading the authors notes in the back of the book.  That she did this to discover a lost heroine in Italian history that had been erased in the history books.  What little clues she found; Allessandra’s love ones tried to keep her memory alive.   That time was the only thing that could really destroy them.