Mocking Jay


TITLE: Mockingjay

AUTHOR: Suzanne Collins

GENRE: Young Adult & Science Fiction

SETTING(S) : Panem, Fictional Location, North America, District 12, District 13 and The Capitol

SUBJECT:  Futuristic society, Contests, Adolescence, Science fiction, Survival, Television, Coming of age, Sisters, Adolescent interpersonal relations, Interpersonal relations, Rebellion, Dictators, Class conflict, Romances (Fiction), Violence, Death, Wars, Sieges and Brainwashing

MAIN CHARACTERS:  Katniss Everdeen, President Coriolanus Snow, Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne, Haymitch Abernathy, Primrose Everdeen, Alma Coin, Finnick Odair, Annie Cresta, Boggs, Cressida, Johanna Mason and Beetee

SUMMARY:  Katiniss finds herself rescue from a less likely ally District 13.  District 13 helps her be restablish to society and the goings through out all 13 district.  But they have their own agenda for her and she finds herself back into another form of the hunger games.

District 13 government seems very similar to the government of the capital.  Is the new government any different from the old.  Will she as well as the others tribute find themselves asking what are they fighting for? Does Katiniss or any of the tributes have any power shaping this new form of government?  What will she end up deciding?

Someone is missing.
What ever happened to Peeta.
Is he dead? or Is has he become an enemy of the alley’s?

– – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW:  As I have read this series the more challenging it has become.  I am among many of the readers who really did not want to read this series and found themselves reading it.  I have a hard time reading things about war and government distruction.  But after hearing other who have read this book and watching the first movie and its extra.  I decided to give this book a chance.

In the extra some people said the first book was exploring our government after 911 happened or when the economy fell.  Exploring when people had little faith in the government and finding themselves out of work.  But I think it is much bigger then that . It is exploring the department of war.

The first book is during a soldiers first years.  That they are trained and are given their first mission and what occurs when they come back.  The second book is when that same soldier finds themselves being sent back when they expected not to.  The last book is about when a soldier gets re-introduce to society.  She even puts both Petta and Katiniss through shell shock.  As a reader you go through it with them.  There is even an example of it when you are first introduced to their mentor Haymitch Abernathy who drinks to go through his anxiety of being in the Hunger Games and sending others into it knowing more likely they will be dead.

As a older reader reading this series.  This has to be on my list with the Twilight series of books that parents and teens need to read together; so that they can discuss some of the difficult topics.  Also a good book for book clubs.