TITLE: Stoneheart

AUTHOR: Charlie Fletcher

GENRE: Young Adult & Fiction

SETTING(S) : 21st Century, London, UK


MAIN CHARACTERS: George Chapman, Edie and Gunner

SUMMARY:  George Chapman feels frustrated and picked on, but when he knocks off the head of a statue in London, he invokes an ancient magic that brings all the statues in the city to life. Some of them seem friendly, but others are terrifying, and the two sides are about to conduct open warfare with each other unless George can somehow return them to their sleep.

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While volunteering at my local library I began to help with various library events.  One such event was the tween summer book club.  This was one of three books that the tweens read.  I didn’t read it at the time of the event but decided to check it out.  I never been to London or Europe in general.  I did not know anything about the various monuments and buildings this book discussed.  But have seen monuments and status very similar in the states.

This book is a medium level book where it is a little slow but a little fast at times.  I love books that are more fast paced.  I can’t image a tween who doesn’t like reading enjoying this book.  But maybe a tween or young adult who loves fantasy and adventures would love this book.  The book had lots of descriptions and plot thickening events to keep me reading but it took more time for me to read it then my usual three days.  And it wasn’t a book that I wanted to continue to read to find out what would happen next.

I have not yet decided rather or not to continue the series or not.
If your someone who enjoyed the Inheritance Series you probably would enjoy this book.  It is probably just as long and has a very unique plot and characters.  I have not read a book like Stoneheart that takes the fantasy but places it into the modern era.  Most fantasy(s) usually take place during an earlier time or in the future.   Rarely occur during the present.