The Hunger Games


TITLE:  The Hunger Games

AUTHOR: Suzanne Collins

GENRE: Young Adult, Sci-Fiction & Fiction

SETTING(S) : Panem, Fictional Country, North America separated by Districts 1 – 12. (Future AD)

SUBJECT: Television programs, Contests, Survival, Death, Adolescence, Interpersonal relations, Science fiction, Futuristic society, Dystopias, Coming of age, Sisters, Hunting, Adolescent interpersonal relations, Rebellion, Dictators, Class conflict, Violence, Romances (Fiction), Poverty

MAIN CHARACTERS: Katniss Everdeen (16-Year-Old Contestant of Hunger Games), Peeta Mellark (Contestant of Hunger Games), Rue (12-Year-Old Contestant of Hunger Games), Gale Hawthorne (best friend of Katniss), Haymitch Abernathy (former contestant of the Hunger Games), Primrose Everdeen (12-Year-Old sister of Katniss), President Coriolanus Snow, Cinna (Stylist), Caesar Flickerman (Television Personality) and Effie Trinket.

SUMMARY:  Katniss and her family live in district 12 in the country of Panem where hunger is a daily activity.  As young children Katniss and her younger sister Primrose lose their father in a terrible coal mining accident.  To survive Katniss along with her best friend Gale  hunts in the forbidden forest and trades what they can.  The start of the Hunger Games begins when one boy and one girl are chosen to participate.  Primrose is chosen to participate and Katniss decides to volunteer in order to save her sister from a horrible death.  Meanwhile a boy is chosen to participate in the games.  Peeta a baker’s son who is connected to Katniss’s past and who holds his own secrets as well.

With the contestants chosen the Hunger Games have begun!!  The contestants have a week to prepare to learn the skills they need to fight the elements and one another.  Will Katniss stay true to her self and learn the skills that are necessary for her survival.  Or will the bloodshed and emotions of the games over come her.

 – – – – – – – – – – –


I’m shocked that I finished it in 2 or 3 days.  I am not a big fan of Sci-Fiction or books that take place in the future.  With that said I think those who typically don’t read sci-fiction will really enjoy this book.  It may take place in a sci-fiction world but it does not read like sci-fiction.  It is all about the survival the main two characters and the various real elements they face.  Real elements meaning rain storms, hunger, forest fires and the other contestants.

I enjoyed it more than what I had expected.  Like I say I read mostly historic fiction and sometime fantasy.  This book took me way out of that genre(s) and I really enjoyed my time reading this book.  The book had great characters and plot.  Who would do anything to help save their brother or sister from a timely death.  I know given the chance any reader would do what Katniss did for her sister.