Glamour in Glass


TITLE:  Glamour in Glass

AUTHOR: Mary Robinette Kowal

GENRE: Fantasy & Fiction

SETTING(S) :  19th Century, Regency, Belgium, Europe

SUBJECT: Wealth, History, Women, Marriage, Magic, Fantasy

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Jane Ellsworth and Vincent Ellsworth

SUMMARY:  Revisit the Jane Austen era of the early 19th Century.  Newly wed Jane and her husband Vincent posses a remarkable and artist gift of producing glamour.  Their gift is highly acclaimed that even the English prince has heard of their work.   After one of these highly anticipated parties organized by the crown Jane & Vincent decide to take a second honeymoon to Belgium.  The honeymoon is cut short with the approach of Napoleon and his army.  Will Jane and Vincent escape Belgium before their gifts are found out by the opposing French army or will they be forced to serve a country they are neither citizen or friend of?

 – – – – – – – – – – –


The art of glamour was described as some sort of magic that mixed the physical elements and the art of weaving.  It was hard for me to imagine this art form of glamour.  The plot was well written but didn’t get really interesting until close to the end of the book when situations started to arise.   The relationship between Jane and Vincent were unlike one would envision for a couple living in the 19th century.  It had very modern aspects because they could talk to each other with very little or limited barriers.

I would say that I envision the main characters more modernly then if they had living during the 19th Century.  Once the Napoleonic War aspects began to thicken than the story became more interesting and the elements of the 19th Century became more real for me.  I think it is a very good fantasy genre rather than a historic fiction novel.  It didn’t have enough real elements of the 19th Century for me to be viewed as a historic fiction.   I would have also liked the book more if the ending had been a little bit longer than just ending with a happy ending.  Maybe a few more twists in the plot would have helped?