Making Rounds with Oscar


TITLE:  Making Rounds with Oscar

AUTHOR: David Dosa, M.D.

GENRE: Non-Fiction

SETTING(S) :  Steere House, Providence RI

SUBJECT: Life, end of life, elderly, nursing home, Alzheimers and dementia

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Dr. Dosa and Oscar

SUMMARY:  Oscar is one of three cats who live on the third floor of the Steer House nursing center.    He was brought to the center as a young kitten and became companion to all the patients who live at the center and the caregivers who work there.   Making rounds with Oscar tells the tale of this ordinary cat who has the ability to be present when it most counts.  Tales of love, heartbreak, sorrow, happiness and Oscar’s extraordinary gift.

– – – – – – – – – – –


I’ve visited many relatives who lived in a nursing home or environment like one.  I can say this book gave me a different point of view about the nurses, aids and doctors who work there.  Making Rounds with Oscar is packed with stories on love, lost, death, life and the ending of life.  It was sad at times but inspirational at others.

I loved reading the stories about families who were featured in this book who were impacted by Alzheimers or dementia.  Few of the stories reminded me of the current family struggle my family is facing with an aunt who is struggling with Alzheimers.  It gave hints on the best way to prepare and care for the one dealing with Alzheimers but also how to care for the caregiver.

Caregivers are impacted by the disease in which they see their loved ones suffering with the disease.  Some would describe it as the long good by.   I can only hope my family can be there for both my aunt who is suffering from the disease as well as my uncle who lives and worries 24/7  about my aunt.  The book left me thinking that I need to start enjoying the remanding moments I do have with my loved ones.  And start looking and living the small picture rather than trying to figure out the big picture of life.  And to count my blessings more, no matter how big or small they maybe.