Sense and Sensibility


TITLE:  Sense and Sensiblity

AUTHOR: Jane Austen

GENRE: Classic Fiction, Young Adult and Romance

SETTING(S) :  England, UK

SUBJECT: Marriage, Romances, Sisters, British history, 1714-1815

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Elinor Dashwood, Marianne Dashwood, Edward Ferrars, John Willoughby and Colonel Brandon

SUMMARY:  After the death of their father, sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood must move with their mother from their family’s estate to a cottage. Fanny, the selfish wife of their half-brother, persuades him to renege on his promise to his father to help his step-sisters and step-mother. Fanny also causes problems for the family when she schemes to separate Elinor and Fanny’s brother Edward before Edward has a chance to declare his love to Elinor. An additional impediment to the romance exists in the form of the secret engagement of Edward to Miss Lucy Steele, who hopes to marry Edward for his money. In the meantime, Marianne has romance troubles of her own when she falls for the dashing but unscrupulous John Willoughby, rather than the quiet, but intelligent gentleman Colonel Brandon. via: Books & Authors

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This book took me about 3 weeks to a month to read not due the lack of readability but because I had seen so many adaptation of this book that I wanted it to go on with the plot.  If I had not known the fates of Elinor or Marianne I probably would have read this book much faster.  I’ve tried to read Austen’s Pride & Prejudice but it lacked the readability that Sense & Sensibility.

Overall I am glad that I was able to read through an entire book of Jane Austen’s successfully.  Will I try to read any of her other novels. Maybe.  The next book I will probably try of hers is Northanger Abbey.  Will I commit to the book as I did with Sense & Sensibility probably no.  There are more than enough books to occupy my time and if a book does not get my attention within the first chapter or I seem to drag on reading it after the first three days I’ll probably won’t read it.

Life is to short when you can spend that time traveling, spending it with friends and family.
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