Godmother, The Secret Cinderella Story


TITLE:  Godmother, The Secret Cinderella Story

AUTHOR: Carolyn Turgeon

GENRE: Young Adult and Fairy Tale

SETTING(S) :  New York City, USA & Faerie World.

SUBJECT: faeries, love, romance and fairy tales

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Lil (godmother), Maybeth (Lil sister) , George, and Veronica. 

SUMMARY:  Lil is an old lady who lives in the big city of New York in the middle of the fashion section of the city.  She walks every day to work at a small book store in Manhattan.  She seems like an ordinary old women but she has a big secret.  She was once the godmother of Cinderella who tragically changed the traditional story we all know.  Will she forever be imprisoned for the wrong she created in the story of Cinderella and the handsome prince.  Or will she be able to find her peace and be reunited to the faerie world?

– – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW:  I believe this story is not suitable for kids under the age of 16 years.  After reading this book I looked up other reviews and found that others had as much difficult as I did reading this book.  Here other book ” Rain Village” also had bad reviews. But please do not let all these bad reviews of Carolyn first books affect you in reading her newer books ” Mermaid” and ” The Next Full Moon”.  I love reading her book Mermaid which you can read my review.

It was a difficult novel to read because it went from present (reality) to her past (faerie world).  As you read the story you questioned rather or not this fictional world she created as being her past life as a faerie; was ever real.

Plot Spoiler: If I had to summarize this story I would say it is about Lil who is a fallen faerie who decided to fall in love with the prince.  This actions of self want caused her to be  condemned to the human world.  During her journey she both self destroys and self heals.  She destroys her self by continuing playing her past in her head; which she gains no peace with in.  She ends up finding peace by becoming the person she was meant to be by helping both George and Veronica.

My second summary of the story is about an old women who had a tragic childhood where a beloved sister was abducted or violent attacked where she ends her own life.  She is trying to make peace with her self that she was not the best sister to Maybeth as she could have.  That she gets to the point that she creates this fictional tale to try to make peace within her life.

At the end I felt like I was reading a story that Alzheimer or tragic patient had written trying to figure out what their life meant and to figure out a problem they have not yet solved. There were so many twist and turns within the story that at the end I felt some of them did not connect.  That I would NOT recommend this novel.