Anastasia Secret

:  Anastasia’s Secret

AUTHOR: Susanne Dunlap

GENRE: Young Adult, Historic Fiction, Romance Fiction

SETTING(S) : 1913-1918, Russia

SUBJECT: Russian Revolution, Daughter of the last Tsar, Anastasia’s Story

MAIN CHARACTERS : Tsar Nicholas, Tsaritsa Alexandra, Duchess Olga, Duchess Tatiana, Duchess Maria, Tsarevich Alexei, Duchess Anastasia (Nastya), Alexander Mikhailovich Galliapin (Sasha), and Servants.

SUMMARY: It is another interpretation of what might of happen to Anastasia during the Russian Revolution. Ask the question what would happen to her if she fell in love?  Would she be able to escape and follow her one true love? or Would her demise be her love for her family and country?

During one evening when Anastasia was exploring her gardens at the age of 12; she comes across a young soldier who is playing a balalaika (string instrument).  She finds out that this young boy’s name is Sasha and a new friendship is formed.

As the novel forms the Germans begin to make trouble in Europe.  Anastasia and her family begin to find the German’s on their front door.  This begins the starting of World War One.  As Russia is fighting their enemy, people begin to be fleeing from their homes and starving, young men become soldiers and the people begin to lose hope in their government.  People who seek power decide to go against the Romanov; the starting of the revolution begins.

In the middle of this drama Anastasia is growing up and falling more in love with Sasha.  Will Sasha be able to survive the war and the revolution.  Who will Anastasia decide to follow her one love or stay with her family.  At the end Anastasia’s decision will decide  her fate.

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MY REVIEW:  The year is 1913 and Tsar Nicholas II is in power. In the middle of it all a young Dutchess name Anastasia falls in love with a young soldier name Sasha.  This young soldier begins to open her eyes to the world outside the imperial gates.  What will she do with this new outlook in life? What decision will she make once her families life is endangered?

I had a difficult time writing my original view.  This was because there was several emotions being explored within the pages of this book.  At several points I found it difficult and it became a challenge reading this book, due to so much emotions within its pages.

If you enjoyed the twilight series I would highly recommend this book.  Similar to twilight you are following a female character.  You are reading her interpretation to life and what she is feeling.  Similar to Bella; Anastasia keeps on being loved then discouraged by her love interest Sasha.  Sasha at certain points expects to much from Anastasia and at times even risks her life. At the end Anastasia has to figure out what she is going to do with the knowledge and experiences that Sasha has shared with her. What she is willing to do for love?

Helpful tools that readers need to explore when reading this book.  Is read through the character guide.  It will help you understand how each character relates to each other. It will also help you understand the important characters.  Note: I did not find that section helpful while reading this novel.  The author also included Epilogue or history behind the novel; it will help you understand what happen to Anastasia during the end of the novel.