Loving Will Shakespeare


TITLE:  Loving Will Shakespeare

AUTHOR: Carolyn Meyer

GENRE: Historic Fiction and Young Adult Fiction

SETTING(S) : London, England, Stratford

SUBJECT: Shakespeare, William, Love, Literature

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Agnes Anne Hathaway (Spouse of William), Catherine “Catty” Hathaway (Agnes’s young sister),  Joan Hathaway (Agnes’s Stepmother), Little Joan Hathaway (Agnes’s half sister), Emma Sandells (Agnes’s Best Friend) and William Shakespeare (Spouse of Anne & Writer),

SUMMARY: Agnes Hathaway is the daughter of a yeoman and Will Shakespeare is the eldest son of John & Mary Shakespeare.  After Agnes’s mother dies her father marries a cruel woman whom she does not get along well with.  Everything about Agnes reminds her father of her beloved mother and therefore brings tension into the household.  Her stepmother can’t wait to get rid of Agnes and patiently waits for her to find a man, marry and leave the cramped up household.  Upon the tender age of fifteen Agnes continues to fall in and out of love with many worthy and unworthy men.  As she reaches and passes her early twenties she decides she may not be cut out for marriage after all.  That is until things begin to change all around her for the good and the bad.  Will she find a suitable husband before her stepmother decides to throw her out onto the streets or will she find love in an unexpected place.

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I will be reading a couple of Young Adult fiction novels every month to further understand the differences between adult and young adult fiction.  As well as get more involved and learn more about the programs my local library offers.  If you’re looking for a possible new career or looking into various careers the best way to learn is by volunteering and getting the insiders scoop.   As someone who is looking into becoming a librarian one way is by becoming a volunteer and getting involved in various programs.

In my opinion this book had a very compelling plot, in which folks of the young adult age and over could relate.  Regardless if you’ve had difficult time finding love or a new career the emotions are all the same.  You become very discourage, sadden, angered in finding someone or something  and it can only get worst as your friends and relatives find what you are looking for.  Those are the emotions that Agnes faces as one possible husband leaves, dies or portrays her.  Her best friend and even a man she dislikes finds someone to love but poor Agnes seems to always end up being in the way of her stepmother’s happiness.

In the end she finds love but it ends up not exactly they way she planned.  And learns the hard lesson that sometimes the one you love does not always have exactly the same dreams, life style or even goals you may have.  And sometimes you have to compromise your dreams & goals for theirs in order to make both you and your spouse happy.  In the end I felt a little more sad for Agnes than what I had aspected;  because she had to comprise with her spouse’s dreams for her dreams in owning a farm & household filled with children.   Her life had a bit of tragedy with her husband being away for a long time, but in the end the last few months & years of his life he ended with her.