The Apothecary’s Daughter


TITLE:  The Apothecary’s Daughter

AUTHOR: Julie Klassen

GENRE: Popular romances, Inspirational fiction

SETTING(S) : Bedsley Priors, Regency Era; England, London

SUBJECT: Faith, Family & Life

MAIN CHARACTERS :  Lillian Haswell, Charles Haswell (father),  Charlie Haswell (brother), Francis Baylor (Apothecary Assistant), Dr. Graves (London Doctor), Mary Mimpurse (Lilly’s best friend) and Mrs. Mimpurse (Mary’s Mother),

SUMMARY: Bedsley Prior is a small 19th Century English town who has its own fair share of mystery and beloved characters.  Lily Haswell known to everyone as the “Apothecary’s Daughter” has been assisting her father for a very long time and remembers everything.  Her family has lived with no closer to the disappearance of her mother and have heard no word from her.  After the family has lived in peace Lilly’s estranged uncle and aunt decide to make a surprised visit in hopes to make her brother their heir.

Sadly things do not go according to her uncle and aunt’s plans and they decide to give Lily the chance to spend time with them in London.  They are hoping Lilly finds a wealthy and acceptable husband during the long social season.   While in London she is educated in the social aspects of society and learns a great deal more about her mother’s disappearance.  Will Lilly find the love her aunt & uncle hope for her and bring closer to the family of her mother’s disappearance?  Or will she fail and disappoint everyone she loves and become very unhappy with her life?

 – – – – – – – – – – –


I seemed to be sticking with the theme of the 19th Century.  I’ve been reading books associated with this time period no matter what I do.  This book was a page turner and one of the last books I got my sister to read.  This month has been very busy for us and after reading another book I’ve already placed on hold will be the last book I read up until June.  I’m taking May off on reading so that I can start focusing on getting some sort of income or purpose.

This book was a joy to read.  I can relate to Lilly/Lillian when it comes to trying to figure out what path to follow.  I loved the scenes in London when she was meeting all the available men her aunt kept introducing her.  As well as the men in her own town who seemed to not get enough of her.  I am glad that Lilly ended up with the guy who was always there for her and who did not want her to change herself in order to fit the mold he wanted.

If you want to read a book that is easy to read, has great characters you can connect with, a good plot and is less than 430 pages.  I highly recommend this book.  It had great characters all I may not have liked but how Lilly reacted to even the most un-liked character was believable.  The plot was great even though I would have loved more London scenes & interaction between Lilly and Francis.  Was it a page turner, I should say so.  My sister was almost finished with the book upon the first day of reading it.  If you have an interest in 19th Century life or on modern medicine then it should be a book that interests you.